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In the year 2046, the people in the Mossdeep Observatory of the stars, discovered a radio transmission signal. The words on the signal were completely unlike any language on Earth. The day went down in scientific history. Humans had finally made some sort of contact with extraterrestrials. Or rather, extraterrestrials had made contact with Humans.

The day was the 14th of May. It was calm in the observatory, when the signal arrived. People monitored the satellites that were designed to pick up signals like this. The worker’s sat bored at their screens, knowing that today would be no different. No signal would be picked up. Or so they thought. At precisely 1:26:18 a loud crackling sound burst of the speakers of the, sleeping Arnold Nostrof. The young man yelled loudly leapt from his chair, and toppled down onto the ground with a crash. Amidst the unexpected chaos, the signal had gone.

It was over two hours later, at exactly 3:42:07, when something else came, to the satellite monitored by Arnold again. Starting off as a faint hiss it grew louder and louder, and suddenly it stopped. The entire room was silent until a commanding voice blared out from the speakers: “Ksofrotzih id eeo atrayli na kotoshmos! Abatro genchi nagag kirksai omte…” then it faded out again, replaced by the same faint hiss. Then it came back all of a sudden with renewed vigor, ”a Cychips valla noggramatoj!” The voice ended, and the hiss left.

For fifteen minutes the entire room was silent. Then a man in the corner began to clap. The applause slowly grew, until the entire staff was cheering. The next day’s paper and every single new station were covering the story. Arnold Nostrof became an instant celebrity. The transmission was named after him. He was given a promotion and became the head of the new department, who were in charge of finding a source of this mysterious Nostrof’s Transmission. He never found it.

He died at age 72 in 2096, bitter and annoyed at his failure to get any idea concerning the transmission named after him. The people who came after him did not get any answers either. In fact people had no idea where Nostrof’s Transmission was from, until 2203 when someone made a fantastic discovery.

To be precise, it wasn’t a person at all. A small, orange Pokemon called Rotom was the mastermind behind this discovery. It was October 19th, nearing midnight. Storms were raging throughout the Hoenn region. Lightning flashed across the Hoenn sky, and the clouds poured down rain. The elusive, floating electric type was drawn to the lightning that flared across the sky. Happily the glowing ghost frolicked in the lightning storm. The eerie blue bolts that stuck out of his body acted like lightning rods drawing the electricity towards him. Unfortunately something else was drawn towards the innocent Pokemon.

A booming bark echoed through the stormy night. Rotom jumped up in surprise, as a yellow and blue dog like Pokemon leapt into view. Its jaws were lined with menacing white teeth, and its claws were razor sharp, just like the yellow hair on its back and head. The intruder lunged at Rotom, its outstretched jaws just narrowly missing the Electric-Ghost. Then it zipped off through the trees, away from its attacker.

It was quite a while before the terrified Rotom came to a halt in a completely unfamiliar area. The small Pokemon had never been here before for sure. He had never seen a rock so flat or straight like that. Cold and wet the Rotom decided to drift off through the wall to see if there was any shelter inside.

It was nearly empty in when Rotom drifted in. Only an odd look machine stood in the corner, near a window. It was a large, brown box, with a silver disc on top. On the disc, stood a long antenna with a blinking red light. Curiously, Rotom drifted up towards the light. An outstretched, lightning shaped limb slightly touched the antenna. A small, yellow bolt of electricity ran through the machine. The entire machine beeped loudly, and the disc began to spin. Rotom jumped, and raced through the wall, away from the odd machine.

Soon, the machine stopped, the antenna, pointed out of the window, into the night sky. Later, in the morning, when the rain cleared, a man came to the machine, to tend to it for the day. He pressed a button, opening up the speaker and was startled to hear a noise.

“Cychips…Cychips…Cychips…,” it said over and over again.

The man tried to move the antenna, but it snapped back to its original position. It was an amazing discovery; the second version of the Nostrof Transmission Suddenly, the man realized something. The word “cychips” was a word on the original transmission! Quickly the man found the coordinates to what the signal machine was pointing at, and left it to find a larger telescope.

Later, peering through the telescope, at the coordinates where the signal had come from, he found a star called Upsilon Andromedae. Double and triple checking the coordinates, the researcher confirmed that this planet was where the mysterious cychips signal was from, and the same place that the Nostrof Transmission was from. But, a signal coming from an inanimate object, like a star, was preposterous. There had to be a planet of some sort there, and one that was suitable for habitation. Sure enough, when the researcher looked through the records of planets a few minutes later, he discovered that Upsilon Andromedae did, in fact, have four planets, and one was deemed habitable, though only just.

The researcher quickly published his discovery, hoping to get a raise and a planet named after him, but he was not appeased. The Hoenn Region Department of Science and Learning (HRDSL) decided that the name “Cychips” was more appropriate for the name of this new planet. The researcher who discovered this received a small bonus, and his name was lost to history.

HRDSL quickly embarked on a project to figure out the quickest and cheapest way to get to Cychips. The answer they came up with was extremely simple. In fact the method that they came up with was old, and known to society for many years. Teleport.

They would use the most powerful Teleport to get a small pod with a few scouts, diplomats, and some researchers there first, to greet the unknown life form. They would collect vast amounts of data, and begin trading with the civilization, and things would go from there. Luckily, HRDSL knew exactly where they would find a Pokemon with a Teleport move that powerful. It resided in the care of the Hoenn Region Champion, Ormuz.

Ormuz was the only person in Hoenn who had managed to hunt down and befriend one of the rarest Pokemon in the world; Mew. Nobody knows where he went to get it, only that the hunt had a significant impact on him. He just disappeared one day, and months later reappeared with the little pink Pokemon. Before his disappearance he had been happy, loud, and curious. Now he was quiet and reserved. it was hard to guess at his real personality. He was still very caring, a brilliant strategist, and wasn't afraid of much; except flying. Since then he battled his way to Ever Grande City and there took up his post as Hoenn Champion. So far he has proved to be an excellent Champion.

When the HRDSL spokesperson asked him to go on the expedition for transportation, the tall burly man quickly agreed. Soon Ormuz and a group of scientists were strapped into a small spacecraft loaded with scientific equipment; ready to be transported light-years away.

The inside was not roomy. In fact it was extremely cramped, with a row of tightly packed seats, in one cabin facing a large screen. The walls were white and sterile, and the small room was empty except for that. The Hoenn champion was sitting all the way to the right, with a single empty seat to his left.

The twenty-four year old shifted nervously in his seat. He had never been on a craft like this before. The vertical takeoff position made him queasy and the space suit and seat were extremely uncomfortable. He knew the flight would be short, but that didn't stop him from hating it; or from wanting to throw up. All they had to do is leave the Earth’s atmosphere, and then Mew would Teleport them to the Planet Cychips, and they would enter the atmosphere and depart.

Ormuz suddenly heard a booming voice from outside. "T minus ten seconds...nine..."

Ormuz braced himself. His heart felt as though he might break out of his chest.

"Six...five...," the voice boomed.

From under him he heard the whine of an engine coming to life. He began to breath deeply, trying to alleviate some of the anxiety.


The thrusters groaned to life.

"One. We have liftoff!"

There was an explosion of sound, like a blast of a cannon, as the flame were pushed out of the thrusters, propelling the craft into the air. The entire craft rattled like a massive earthquake. Ormuz's teeth and eyes were clenched together tightly, as his head shook from side to side, rattling his brain, giving him a severe headache. It was an entire minute until the brutal shaking stopped, and the craft came to an abrupt stop.

Ormuz rubbed his head and breathed a great sigh of relief. He glanced around to see that the rest of the scientists were just as rattled as he was. He quickly glanced out a window and saw nothing but black dotted with specks of light. He saw a lone blue sphere down below him, covered with great, bright green shapes. Earth.

They had made it into outer space. Ormuz cheered with the rest, clapping. A gruff voice resonated through the cabin:

“Ready for Teleport,” it said. Ormuz nodded, pulled out a small red and white sphere from the right pocket of his orange spacesuit, and pressed the silver button in the center. It expanded to the size of a grape fruit, and opened up, revealing a jet of brilliant white light. Out of the light, formed a small pink, cat like Pokemon, floating in midair. She looked at Ormuz with her large, bright blue eyes, as if she were waiting for something.

Ormuz smiled at it. “Teleport us to Cychips, Mew,” he said. The two had rehearsed this already. Ormuz had already told Mew exactly where the planet was. He had told her the coordinates, the direction from Earth, the distance from Earth, and any other sort of information about the location of Cychips. Ormuz was confident that he and the rest of the crew would get there with no harm.

Being out in space was a necessary. It makes the Teleportation that much easier. The atmosphere is a huge blockade in teleportation. Sending your particles through a field of molecules requires a lot more energy than one would think. Sending yourself trough empty space was a lot easier, even if it was over many light years.

Mew seemed to be focusing, staring unmoving at a fixed point in the wall. She began to glow a blinding blue color, and a ball began to expand from her body. Ormuz, and the crew shielded their eyes for the bright light, but to no avail, the light filled the entire cabin. It lingered there for a couple seconds and the suddenly the entire world went black.

It was a mere three seconds later, when the world was flooded back into light. Mew floated in the center, her eyes devoid of the playful, energized gleam that was once there. She nearly toppled out of the air, and into Ormuz’s lap. Hastily, he pulled out a Pokeball, and meant to give Mew a nice long rest, but he was distracted by a gruff voice, saying, “Ready for descent.”

Suddenly, the capsule turned to face a direction, which Ormuz presumed to be down (it was hard to tell in space.) The thrusters shot out, pinning Ormuz, Mew, and the other crew members to their seats. Ormuz turned his head to see out the small window, but saw nothing other than the flames that they were supposed to be accustomed to seeing when entering a planet’s atmosphere.

Ormouz looked away from the window, and stared forward. The giant screen in from revealed a picture of a peculiar silhouette, like a giant sphere, flat on one side, with a round head poking out. Nothing else but gray static appeared.

“Cychips!” it buzzed, and as if that word was its cue, the screen exploded. Ormuz cringed, bracing himself for the shattered glass that soared towards him but it never came. Instead a bluish tinted sphere had appeared around him. Ormuz stared bewildered for a second, amazed. He looked down to see Mew’s giant blue eyes open, staring up at him. He smiled in thanks.

The capsule was still rocketing downwards the planet’s surface His heart was still pounding, but he, and the other crew members seemed to think that all the malfunctioning was over. He glanced out of the window and saw a the ground approaching quickly, and felt the cab leveling out. Feeling as though he had survived the wretched flight, he relaxed, only to hear a peculiar sound. It was a faint hiss, that grew louder and louder until, after about ten seconds, it filled Ormuz’s ears, giving him a horrible headache, as it grew even louder. And just when he thought he could take no more of the noise, the craft around him sizzled with electricity, and exploded around them.

Flames, and shrapnel bounced off the shield the Mew had created. Clanging of things hitting the shield, and the crackled of flames outside replaced the infuriating hissing noise. Nothing came through the shield though. Not even a gust of air flying back from the explosion, or the immense heat that was sure roasting the men that had been riding with him. Horrified at the destruction in front of him, Ormuz looked down, at the fast approaching ground, and at Mew’s pained face as she tried to keep the shield from vanishing.

Then suddenly the explosion just soared away, flying in off behind them to smash into a giant gray mound of dirt or steel. Smoke billowed out of the crater that was newly formed. Ormuz and Mew however, still dropped downwards, until the smashed down upon a black rock surface. The shield shattered from the impact, and the tiny pieces faded away into nothingness.

Ormuz sat on the rough ground, with his unconscious Pokemon in his lap, and his heart beating furiously. It took him a minute or two to get over the shock, before he came to his senses. "This is why I hate flying," he grumbled to himself. Shaking his head to clear it out, Ormuz took Mew into his arms. The Pokemon opened its eyes a crack, and that even seemed to demand much effort. “You were amazing!” he whispered to her, before letting her into here Pokeball for a well earned rest, and attaching the ball to his black belt.

Ormuz quickly disposed of his orange space suite, leaving a nice pair of faded jeans held up by a black belt underneath. Luckily the atmosphere was completely breathable. He looked around his new surroundings. The ground was a rocky grayish black, everywhere, almost like overturned asphalt. The entire planet where he had landed seemed to be covered in it. There was a massive mound of gray to the right, pouring out smoke where his crew had fallen. He winced as pain shot through his heart. The champion did not dare to go there; the entire mound might catch fire and trap him. Besides there was no way anyone could survive that crash. He suspected that either this was a small mountain, or a collapsed building like the massive structure that he stood in front of.

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