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Default Re: Isaiah's Reffing Book

Battle ID: FFA # 15

Type: [AIM]



|::FFA::| |::Battle Revolution::| |::No Held Items::| |::Normal Weather::| |::Normal Terrain::| |::Sleep Clause::| |::Freeze Clause::| |::Intimidate Banned::| |::Rest/Perish Song Banned::| |::Auto Taunt::| |::Auto Gravity::|


Combatants & Mons:

Adam230 [::Gallade::] vs Frozen_In_Time [::Milotic::] Kingrptr101 [::Electrode::] Leoblaze [::Golduck::] -PK- [::Golem::] Spiderc [::Swampert::] Adrenaline [::Garchomp::] Michael [::Toxicroak::] Shock64 [::Yanma::]


Relatively short battle. Garchomp took out Electrode, Milotic took out Golem, and soon after, Toxicroak fell to Gallade. Garchomp then fell to Golduck, who was then taken out next turn by Yanma. Who was taken out by Milotic in the same turn. Swampert then was hit by a CH Leaf Blade by Gallade. Leaving just the fighting type and Milotic, the water type managed to pull it off.



Kingrptr101 got $ 1,000
-PK- got $ 1,000
Michael got $ 1,000
Adrenaline got $ 1,500
Leoblaze got $ 2,000
Shock64 got $ 2,500
Spiderc got $ 3,000
Adam 230 got $ 3,500
Frozen_In_Time won and got $ 4,000
Me $ 4,500

Salary $ 7,000


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