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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter SEVEN posted!

BEGIN Chapter Seven;
Swellows and Skuntanks

Cyrus racked his brain for any possible way he could get out of this without either A: being seen by the kid or B: getting he, Honchkrow, and quite possibly even Caro and Kris as well as their Pokemon killed. At this point in time, it was difficult to tell which one was worse.

“Swerve down.” He commanded, ducking in closer to the Honchkrow. Honchkrow nodded, and took a dive down into a cloud. Big mistake. When they soared back out, both were shivering and Honchkrow’s wings had a little bit of frost on them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Swellow kid had quite obviously seen him.

“Hey!” The kid said, eyes widened. “You’re that gu-“ “No, I’m not. Now, forget you ever met me and go on with your normal life. It is, to be honest, a life-or-death situation for some of us.” Cyrus cut in. Honchkrow stopped in front of the Swellow kid for a second, then resumed his previous speed. “No way...” The girl muttered. “Duskwing, turn around and use Peck on that Honchkrow!”

“What?!?” Honchkrow squawked. Cyrus clenched his teeth. If this kid was going to get offensive, he would be forced to do the same. Squawking angrily, the Swellow started making a beeline for Honchkrow, who took a nosedive. “Night Slash.” Cyrus commanded softly, doing his best not to open his mouth for too long.

Making a quick midair loop, Honchkrow spun around and concentrated all of the dark energy he could muster into his right wing. “Okay...” He muttered as the dark energy began to make the wing glow, “Swellow! Taste my Night Slash!” With that, he flew right past the Swellow, jutting out the wing practically dripping with dark energy to strike the Swellow on the stomach. The large bird shouted in surprise and pain, and wavered for a bit. Regaining control, the Swellow swung its wing in a broad arc. Air Slash!

Honchkrow flapped frantically to keep the thermals under its wings under control. “Whoa, now! Don’t get too cocky!” It threatened, beginning to get worried. Looping back around, it went in for a Dark Pulse, stopping completely after the appropriate amount of malevolent thoughts had been brought out of its equally malevolent head. The solid thoughts soared towards the Swellow, who tried to fight them off to no avail.

“That’s why you should never start a midair battle.” Cyrus instructed calmly. “If your Pokemon faints, then you go plummeting towards the ground...” He watched as the two figures dropped like stones, screaming all the while. “Like so.” Cyrus flung a Max Potion down after them in hopes of the girl catching and using it, and turned to go.

“Well, that was fun.” Caro said sarcastically. “We didn’t even get to do anything!” “Be glad she didn’t attack you. If you had lost, which you probably would have, you would be plummeting to the ground instead, forcing Kris or myself to rescue you.” Cyrus said over his shoulder. Rolling his eyes, Caro flew off in pursuit, Kris right behind. “Hmph!”


“Let’s land here.” Honchkrow suggested. “If we get into some clearing in that forest, then there’s a lesser chance of someone recognizing us than in a Pokemon Landing Area.” Without waiting for a response, the Honchkrow went into a level descent. Instructing the bat Pokemon to do the same, Cyrus hopped off when they were a few feet from the ground and Honchkrow landed smoothly. The other two had a bit more trouble, but did it.

“Honchkrow.” Cyrus turned to the bird Pokemon now preening itself. “You are aware that you have hust landed us near Jubilife City, one of the busiest cities in Sinnoh?” Honchkrow looked up for a second, analyzing what he had said, and groaned dramatically. “Aw, crud! Listen. I’m sorry about this, and I-“ Honchkrow earned itself a bone-chilling glare, and shut its beak immediately.

“Well.” Cyrus turned towards the south, the location of Jubilife City, and ultimately, Lake Verity. “As Honchkrow has lead us to such an... inconvenient destination, I suppose we will just need to keep moving on foot... unless you have any objections.” Cyrus turned back to Honchkrow, who shook his head hastily. “No. Nope! Not me! I’m perfectly fine with tha-“ Honchkrow caught himself and stopped abruptly. “No, sir. No objections.” He squeaked. Cyrus returned Honchkrow, and Caro and Kris did the same after some confusion.

“Right. So...where do we go now?” Caro mused out loud. “Before we concern ourselves with that, I suggest we concentrate on keeping ourselves alive until we pass Jubilife City.” Shrugging, Caro nodded. “Yeah. Okay.” He honestly had no idea what a ‘Jubilife’ was, but it seemed to be a community like Treasure Town.

“People know you again, right?” Kris turned to him. “I can only assume so. The city limits are where I leave you. Keep going straight down, until you reach the southernmost exit. Once you do, wait a few feet into the forest. Around dusk, I will find you.” With that, he began to disappear into the trees, Caro and Kris trying to keep up behind him.

It was a silent trek to the city of Jubilife.


“Sort of stinks how he has to lurk around back in the woods, just because of something that happened, like, ten years ago...” Caro turned around to glance back at the entrance to the city, where they had been standing just a few minutes ago. Kris turned around and followed his gaze. “I guess he asked for it. Nobody forced him to do all that.”

“I guess you’re right...” Caro muttered. “But we’d better get going. It’s nearly dusk right about now, and Helio might be expecting us.” Nodding, Kris turned to face the front too. “Mhm.” They continued on, observing the city sights and dodging clowns insisting they answer simple questions.

It was getting progressively darker, and Caro and Kris had nearly made it out of the place. Of course, there was one more thing in this city who wanted to smell- er, see them...

An excited, high-pitched squeak jarred Caro and Kris out of their thoughts. The clattering of sharp claws scrabbling around on stone could be heard. A few seconds later, a purple-and-white blur skidded around out of a side alley, and dashed towards the two tennagers.

“I don’t believe it!” The shape chirped. “I don’t, I don’t, I don’t! It’s too good! I got him! I got him! Eeheehee! Listen up, Magnezone! I got hi- oh.” Upon closer inspection, the shape was a large, four-legged thing with purple fur and a giant, poofy tail positioned in such a way that it stopped right above the creature’s head, which was also purple. It had a large muzzle, and small purple ears poked out from under the tail. Small, squinted eyes turned from happiness to disappointment to embarrassment, in the span of a few moments. “I...don’t get it...” He muttered. Shaking his head wildly, the Skuntank said, “I must have mixed up his scent. It’s been a while since I saw him...”

“Saw who?” Kris asked confusedly. The Skuntank jumped. “What...? Uhh... Tank! Skun-tank! Tanktanktank!” Both could feel an anime sweatdrop on their heads. It felt weird, like it was just floating next to them and dampening their hair. “Why are you saying your name?” Caro cocked an eyebrow.

“What’s attracted you this time, Skuntank?” A metallic whirr sounded from the alley that Skuntank had emerged from. A Magnezone hovered a few feet above the ground. It was a large, oval-shaped metal Pokémon, with two black magnets jutting out at the front, their tips red and blue. A single red eye stared unblinkingly at them, and some huge screws near the back rotated slightly.

“I thought I found him... but I got these two humans instead. But I think they can understand what we’re saying.” Skuntank shrugged back to his metallic counterpart. “What?” The Magnezone protested. “That’s impossible.” Caro and Kris shared a quick glance. Magnezone pointed one magnet at Caro. “You! What does Pikachu evolve into? And how?”

Caro blinked for a second, then responded. “P-pikachu evolves into Raichu, with a Thunderstone...” The steel Pokemon lowered its magnet slowly, staring at Caro.

“Who... are you...?” He muttered.

“And just why should we tell you?” Kris glared at the two Pokemon, hands folded over her chest.

“All right, fine, Miss Defensive.” The Magnezone huffed. “Why are you here, and where are you going?”

“You sure ask a lot of questions...” Caro pointed out.

“Shut up!” the Pokémon growled in response.

“Fine, fine. We’ll tell you a little bit.” Kris grumbled. She didn’t like this street Pokémon at all.

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