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Default Re: Neo Pikachu's Member Trivia!

Originally Posted by jangofett
raik was unbanned, so was i, but i'm a girl.
Yep, Raik was the guy I had in mind.

TB, you did get the points for Kenshin, since you got that question right as well.


Marco {29}
Dark Pikachu {14}
Sutiivun {11}
Raik {10}
TotodileHop24 {9}
AbXtreme {6}
Jangofett {3}
Thunderbird {3}

New Questions

2 pts "I'm the only mod who loves talking about Magic: The Gathering!"

3 pts "I'm the writer of a fan fic and a capture story that both have titles that begin with the same word in the beginning and end with the same word at the end, but the one in the center is different."