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Default Re: The Story of a Quite Unusual Child

"Look, I know which pokemon come out in the summer, I had a whole list of the ones I wanted to catch, and now I can't." Alex snapped, turning around to bash the kid in the nose.

The smaller, weaker child was about to learn Darwin's Rule of Survival, but then something saved him. Three Pikachus were running down the hallway, shocking everyone that was in their way. Alex threw the kid against the locker and stood there, thinking. He knew that in the summer Pikachus came out of the woods because they were low on energy from hibernating all winter, so why would they waste their remaining energy attacking the school? [Yes, I realize that the part about the pikachus and hibernating was all crap, but I needed something] He didn't doubt that the reason of this attack was not to cause chaos, for Pikachus were much smarter than that, but what could the reason be? The Pikachus were now halfway down the yellow tiled hallway, and kids were lying in the floor, knocked out by the electrical current that was sent through their body.
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