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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter SEVEN posted!

Dear Arceus, not much comments lately...

BEGIN Chapter Eight;
All Too Familiar

“...Yeah. We’ve never been to this part of the world before, and our friend hasn’t been here for a really, really long time...” Kris finished with a shrug. Magnezone still wasn’t persuaded. “Where is this friend of yours?” He asked. “In the forest.” Caro replied. “He doesn’t really like to be around people. Don’t ask me why – he’s sort of weird.” Skuntank blinked. “You never told us this guy’s name!” He pointed out. “Oh, yeah. His name is Helio.” Kris shrugged again. Magnezone glared at her for another brief moment, then dipped the front part of his body forward in a nodding action.

“Fine.” He grumbled, clearly unhappy about not getting much information. “Go now.” He pointed a magnet towards the south exit of the City. Kris nodded and swiveled towards it. “Right. Bye.” She grabbed Caro’s arm and set a swift pace. Skuntank glanced up at Magnezone. “Well?” It asked. “Are you going to send a Magnemite after them?”

“Of course.” The screws on Magnezone’s back began to turn in different directions, eventually turning so that one point of the plus-shaped indents on the tops of each one were facing the antenna atop its head.

Almost immediately, a Magnemite came to a halt in front of him. “Go follow those humans, and see what they’re up to. Then, report back to me. Stealth mode, if possible.” The Magnemite did a full cartwheel to show its approval, and then set off at a pace to match the two humans.


The Magnemite was sending a steady flow of pictures and data back to its leader, who was skimming it, searching for something useful and/or interesting. But when the Magnemite sent a rather odd report, Magnezone began to pay more attention...

“New target identified. New target human male, adult. Targets interacting with New Target. Over.”

Then the next picture feed came in, and Skuntank’s mouth fell wide open at what was happening on Magnezone’s projection. “No... way.” He squeaked. “Do you think that guy was...?”

“Of course he was, dimwit. You just didn’t realize it.” Magnezone replied, still staring at the video feed, when a new message came in to interrupt their gawking.

“Target identified. Additional identification now available. Name: Cyrus (Surname Unavailable). Most recent identified sighting: Spear Pillar. Estimated: 10 years and three days previous to current date.”

That feed closed the matter. Skuntank scrabbled to his paws, racing off into the woods at incredible speed. Magnezone whirred along behind him, not wanting to be left out. Well, it’s about time. Where in Arceus’ name have you been...?


“Do you hear something?” Caro asked. “It sounds like buzzing of some kind...” He turned to Kris. She stopped and listened, trying to concentrate with all of her might. “No. I don’t hear anything... you must be hallucinating, Caro. Heh heh.” Kris snickered. “Hey!” Caro shouted back.

“Anyway, we’re nearly to the edge of the city... and there he is, up there.” Kris nodded to a dark cluster of foliage, where a single figure was only just discernible against the dark shadows.

Caro ran ahead into the darkness, while Kris paused for a little while. She looked around, wary of the dark shadows of the dusk-enveloped city. Anyone could be in those shadows... or anything, for that matter. And she didn’t know how dangerous that anything was. And that was dangerous.

Caro took a few more paces forward, until he was sure that the person lurking in the trees was, indeed, Cyrus. Caro smiled at him, and got a nod in response. Turning back around, Caro pointed to Kris. She was still lurking around silently back there for whatever reason. He walked back out of the shadowed area to retrieve her.

“Hey. Wake up, Sleeping Beautifly.” Caro clapped his hands together in front of Kris’ face, which effectively earned him a punch to the gut. “Watch it, Mr. Brilliant.” She spat back. Caro rubbed his stomach. “Fine, fine. Geez, let’s just get out of here.” He turned back to the forest, about to enter.

He hadn’t even put his foot down before a large purple thing bowled him over and scampered into the forest. “Yeep!” Caro shouted, struggling to regain his balance. He failed and tumbled to the gtound in a heap. “Heh.” Kris snoerted, and walked over next to the still-winded Caro. “Can’t even keep your ba-“ Her sentence was cut off by a large black thing smacking into her arm, and sending her flying into the ground beside Caro.

Kris looked up, just in time to see a Skuntank and a Magnezone moving into the forest, in Cyrus’ direction. Wait a minute... Cyrus’ dirction? If they ran into him, well...

Kris scampered to her feet, and pulled Caro up. He nodded thanks before they both dashed off in pursuit of the Pokémon who had ever so graciously slammed them into the ground, and then headed off in a direction dangerously close to their friend who nobody should be seeing in this point in time.

The sound of crunching leaves brought Cyrus back to his senses. From the sound of it, whoever was making them wasn’t a two-legged creature, so...

Wait a second. That was a buzzing. A very familiar buzzing. That was the buzzing of a frantic Magnezone, no mistaking it.

Turning to the location of the buzzing, Cyrus stared off into the darkness. It seemed to shift and turn, and little specks of light appeared to glint off of something... he barely had time to register this before a huge purple ball of fuzz rammed him down.

“What the-“ The Magnezone dashed into the small clearing, staring at the Skuntank now sitting contentedly on Cyrus’ chest and purring like a cat. “Skuntank, get off of there, you gre- Oh.” Magnezone stopped short as he thumped the mass of fur and claw off of Cyrus. “Hello again.” He said sternly.

Cyrus opened his mouth to reply, but stopped himself. He left it open for a few seconds before closing it again and letting the situation run in his head. “This isn’t happening.” He muttered. “It isn’t. You’re just some regular Magnezone and some hyperactive Skuntank who... who...”

Skuntank looked back at him over the large mass of fur that was his tail and seemed to cock an eyebrow. “Quit denying it.” He said. Cyrus stared back at Magnezone, who was staring at Skuntank, who was still staring at Cyrus. “Hi.” He chirped.

“First off, what are you and Skuntank doing here?” Cyrus asked, getting up. Magnezone sighed. “Long story... very, very, very long. Are you traveling with a couple of pipsqueaks? And what the heck for?”

“Magnezone, shut up.” Skuntank rolled over to glare at Magnezone. “Can’t you see he’s had a long day?”

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