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Default Re: I'll be away............

*Loud music plays*

"PRESENTING..................THE KING HIMSELF BACK FROM A LONG VACATION................BRONISLAV84!" Yells an unseen announcer.

*walks onto big stage*

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" I say with Bows to the Faceless Audience Cheering for me.

*Rock Concert scene disappears*

I didn't have time for a propper RPG entrance but Yea, I'm back so this Topic can be closed now.
Bronislav is my name and 1984 is my birth year. Call me Bron or Slavik if you can't say my full name. Banner/Ava by the illustrious Neo Pikachu Emolga R.I.P. August 13, 2007 3:45AM EST Simkha "Dosha" Bakman I loved you, Grandpa Check this out, it's really cool!

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