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Default Re: DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread!

It depends on what the point of substitute is.

If you want say, the maximum amount of HP on a sub, you should be divisible by 4 to get the most of your HP in there at once.

Let's say you want to Sub and then Belly Drum and have your Salac actually activate? It only activates when you hit 25% exactly or less, so you need to have it divisible by 4 or you'll have slightly higher than 25% after a sub and drum and your berry won't activate.

What if you have a Ninjask and want to be able to sub 4 times to get the most speed boosts? If your HP is divisible by 4 it will fail after the third time. On the other hand your berry (if you're using one) will activate sooner if you are divisible by four.

Don't care about any of these and just want to block status? Well then, doesn't matter in the slightest.

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