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Originally Posted by Leman View Post

I don't really agree with the battle stuff though. Magmortar used Overheat, not Lava Plume, and Tyranitar can OHKO those Gallade. Especially since they were out of shape, so yeah. Shadow Claw+ Countering a Night Slash also would end in a KO.

Yes, but that too proves my point. You don't want your stories to follow the mechanics of either the anime or the games exactly... Pokemon are living, breathing creatures... You don't measure their vitality or "life" in percentages and such; so even though something could knock out its opponent in one hit in the games, that still doesn't constitute for what would happen in reality... By that logic, I could write for a Feebas, then have Jolteon kill it with one hit, then say that that was enough for the battle.

However, I saw that you added some to Ormuz's personality, showing how it was altered significantly after to his disappearance to how it was once he reappeared. Some of the prominent mistakes that I noticed were fixed as well...

The final battle is still a bit skimpy for me, but I suppose that you worked hard enough for the Pokemon. Abra captured!. Like I said, I wanted to see you work for your Abra, and I usually do that to people that I know can do better.

Have fun with your Psychic type. :D

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