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Default Re: Army From The Underground Depths

Chapter II

The blonde boy stood in his bathroom, washing out his hair thoroughly in the shower. The 14 year-old was also talking to his Dad, with the shower curtains shut tight.
“So you say they laughed at you when you got pooped on by a bird?” His father asked.
“Yep.” Xiac answered back his father chuckled.
“What would you do if someone got pooped on by a bird? Someone other than you?” He asked. Xiac knew what his father was saying.
“I would laugh...”
“Exactly. Now you say these boys pick on you?” Came another question.
“Yeah.” Xiac replied,
“Well you must be doing something to antagonise them most probably. Are you picking on them?” This was typical coming from any parent. They refuse that their son or daughter had ever been bullied and try and make out that it's their faults than the bullies. Xiac stayed quiet, waiting for his Dad to leave. He heard a sigh and then footsteps out of the bathroom.
Xiac turned off the shower and pulled back the shower curtain. He stepped out and wrapped a towel around himself. He walked to his bedroom and sat down on his bed. He sighed as he remembered what his father had said.
“People just don't understand me.” He sighed again and lay down on his bed.
Xiac was running, running away from something... but what? He looked behind him, something was chasing him, axe in hand. Xiac ran faster. He glanced back to see that it was big, tall and red. It had horns and seemed... fiery of some sort. It began shouting at Xiac in another language. Xiac felt as if his heart was beating in his ears. He kept on running until he fell, he had tripped over something. He looked up to find the creature towering over him, claws tightly clasped on the axes hilt. Xiac couldn't shout, he couldn't even scream. It was if the air was taking out of him. He looked at the beast in horror as the axe was brought down towards him.
Xiac sat bolt upright, screaming. He glanced around to find he was in his bedroom. He sighed. Xiac expected someone to come up but noticed that the clock beside him read 18:30. He had been asleep for a few hours. His parents would be at work by now so he was home alone. He glanced downwards to find he still had the towel wrapped around him. He got changed and looked out of the window. The sun would be setting soon so he got out of the house and made his way to his favourite place, the Onkoa Plains.
Xiac sat on the grassy hill and looked at the setting sun. The sky had turned Orange and the stars began to come out. Then he heard a familiar voice.
“So, you like coming here to huh?” Xiac turned to find Susara. She walked over and sat next to him.
“Uh... y-y-yeah.” He said, stuttering. She giggled. Why is she here? Sitting next to me? Hang on a minute... this isn't some kind of prank is it?
“So... did Odon send you here? To humiliate me in some way?” He asked as he looked back up at the sky. Susara looked at him with a puzzled look.
“No. Why?” She asked,
“Oh... no reason. Just seems like something he would do.”
“Oh...” Xiac sighed.
“Sorry. I shouldn't speak of your boyfriend like that.”
“Boyfriend?” She asked, as if she had no idea she was going out with Odon.
“Yeah. Odon says your his “girl”.” Susara was now agitated.
“Why the little...”
“Wait, it's not true?” Xiac asked.
“No. He made it up.”
“Oh...” Xiac seemed... happy in some way. This meant he still had a chance. He smiled faintly, faint enough so she wouldn't see. The sun had now set and the stars had come out. Xiac now began stargazing, looking at all the constellations and what not.
“I've... got to go.” She said, standing up and walking away. Xiac watched her leave.
“I'll see you later.” He called out to her.
“Yeah...” She said walking away. One thing Xiac didn't see was that Susara was blushing as she walked away.

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