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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance

Act 1
Chapter 1: The Futile Resistance
“Diabora is truly the only being that I fear. He was used to defeat me once, and after that, I figured I'd be safer to stay in Kihara until he was destroyed...
-Personal Thoughts of Khorne, God of Chaos

Neo Lugia
Homeworld Skies

War is all what Mike Anone had come to know in the last month. Strangely enough, there was only one opponent, and that was Diabora, the embodiment of absolute evil. It seemed like nothing could stop it. Mike had been trying his hardest to keep the beast at bay while his allies attempted to perform their tasks, but the world was falling apart, despite what he attempted to do. Each day, Diabora would begin slaughtering people, until night time, where Diabora would disappear.

The Homeworld was now full of weak and scared people. Despite Diabora’s holocaust, billions of people still remained on the planet, since Diabora seemed to enjoy taking his time to kill those on the planet. He was arrogant, which was has weakness, Mike had come to surmise. He was more arrogant than rust Makuta himself, which was a feat incredibly hard to pull off. The stressed leader of Team Trainer laughed for the first time in a few months.

Diabora had not begun his slaughter today, which was weird. The streets were still dead quiet, in anticipation of Diabora’s attacks. Schools hadn’t been in session for months. Businesses shut down. This created a shortage of food and goods valuable to the survival of those on the Homeworld.

“We need to buy rust, Neo, and Shairii more time,” Mike said to the two others on the bridge of the Neo Lugia, Finch and Silver Etherlight. Finch was Team Aqua’s Co-Leader, and was imbued with the powers of Inazuma and Izaterasu, the XD Shadow versions of Lugia and Ho-Oh’s respective evolutions, Qinglong and Zhu-Quiao. Etherlight was a businessman, and the leader of the Renegades, a group of half space pirates and half soldiers of fortune.

“The Grungust is in the trash heap,” Silver said, motioning towards the Neo Lugia Construction Bay, “Its going to take a few weeks before the Type III is finished… All we’ve got left is Finch’s powers and the Neo Lugia.”

“They can’t be too much longer, can they?” Finch asked. He then began to converse with what seemed like himself. The two in the room were used to it. Finch said that Inazuma and Izaterasu like to talk out of turn. Neither reared their heads, though, unless they were in a battle.

“What if we deployed the ground forces?” Silver suggested, “Right now, he’s trapped planetside, if only because we have a blockade from space. He may just be playing along, however… Either way… We don’t have much left.”

“They’ll stand no chance,” Mike said, shocked at Silver’s suggestion, “Diabora will cut through them like a hot knife through butter.” It was then that the main viewscreen of the Neo Lugia came down, so it was visible to everyone on the bridge. One of Trainer’s Generals came over the loudspeaker, saying that Diabora had a message for us, and he had taken over a television station to send it…

<Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As you may know, I am Diabora, your executioner…> Diabora began, <Now, Mike Anone and his friends would like to play a game with me. He thinks that his soldiers won’t be able to do anything against me. Well, he’s right. However, as I have found out over the past month, killing you all isn’t as easy as I thought, you horny bastards. You guys must breed like Buneary, there’s so many of you…>

Silver Etherlight shrugged, giving an I-Forgot face to Mike, whom had realized that Diabora had spied on their entire conversation using the power of his Crystal of Vision. Finch was oblivious to the exchange between the two, as he stared, mesmerized with hate. Diabora had beaten him in combat once before, but that was when he was weaker. Finch knew he was stronger now, with both of the spirits of Inazuma and Izaterasu inside of him.

<So, I would like to introduce you to my newest creation, the Diablos,> Diabora taunted. He placed his hands on the ground, and then, a hand arose from it. What crawled out of the soil was a grotesque, almost human-like figure. It was pale white and hairless, and was encased in a black, organometallic armor. Its nose and ears were disfigured, while its face was covered in scars, <Using the Crystals of Change and of Life, I can bring back the dead people on this planet and turn them into my soldiers… Are your soldiers happy now, Mike Anone?>

“Sir,” The same Trainer General said on the loudspeaker, “Reports of another attack in Fall City, South Fiore… There are hundreds of those Diablos-things…” Mike pounded the desk in anger, as Silver went down to the Construction Bay, in order to speed up the building of the Type III. Finch stayed behind.

“I’m going to give Diabora a taste of my new power,” Finch said, grinning in a sadistic manner. He cracked his knuckles, as Mike ordered the Neo Lugia to be turned towards Fall City.

Mt. Battle, Orre

It had taken some effort, but rust Makuta had pinned down the legendary dog, Entei, to Mt. Battle. After this, all he needed was Raikou, and he would be able to complete the spirit of Bai-Hu. Hot off the heels of convincing Suicune to join them, rust decided to go after Entei, not knowing that the volcano was Entei’s domain.

<Any idea where it is, Celebi?> rust asked Celebi psychically. He was soaring over Mt. Battle as a Zhu-Quiao, the evolved form of Ho-Oh. It was a power that he had acquired in hell, the ability to transform into Zhu-Quiao.

<Not a one… He’s masking his presence quite well among the lava…> Celebi replied, coordinating the entire effort from the one hundredth circle on Mt. Battle.

<…And what about you… Neo?> rust said, almost as if he had to yank it out of his voice box, through his esophagus, and past his lips. Neo waited for a second, sensing rust’s sourness about the alliance.

<You proposed this entire alliance in the first place, and no…> Neo replied, soaring above the other side of the mountain. Like rust, Neo also had the ability to transform into a legendary spirit. This sprit was Qinglong, the evolution of Lugia.

<Found it,> Celebi said, <Circle Forty-Four.>

Both rust and Neo dove for the entrance to the Forties tunnel, in order to find Entei. However, they entered the tunnel at the exact same time, which caused them to get stuck in the entrance, <Get out of the way… I’m stronger…>

<This is childish, rust. Continuing our rivalry is pointless, if we hope to see the universe survive. You saw those Diablos of Diabora’s. Mike told me that they were swarming Fall City…> rust gulped. Fall City used to be the capital of the Aqua empire when it was on the Homeworld. In that moment of pause, Neo budged through the hole, as rust trailed behind him.

They quickly arrived at Forty-Four, to find that Entei was in the process of running away. He hopped to Forty-Five, and then Forty-Six, as Neo launched an Aeroblast, while rust launched a Hellfire Blast. Both met each other and cancelled out. rust and Neo continued to squabble in mid-air, as Entei ran away.

<Bai-Hu is an unstable entity that could pose an even greater threat to our existence than Diabora. I will not be a part of that…> Entei said, as he hopped away.

<He’s gone. Good job, dimwits,> Celebi said out of disappointment and disgust, <He can’t be far though. Let’s see if we can head him off at Gateon.>

Summerland, Fiore

The Neo Lugia arrived at Summerland, where buildings were burning, as the monsters known as Diablos were attacking the town, killing and torturing the citizens. Mike had trouble keeping the bile in the back of his throat inside of his mouth, as the Neo Lugia’s Shield Type M was activated. It then dropped a load of Mirage Missiles on the town, unleashing mirage Pokemon, in order to deal with the Diablos.

“The Summerland militia is returning from the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Fiore in order to fight back against Diabora’s new army,” The Trainer General, General Wolffe said, “ETA Two Hours.”

“Reinforcements would be great,” Mike began, “But they’re going to get killed. Horribly.”

“No need,” Finch said over the loudspeaker, as he dropped out of the ship’s airlock, turning into Inazuma, the XD Shadow version of Qinglong. The evil presence flew over the daylight sky scaring the citizens that the Trainer forces were trying to save, <Where is Diabora?>

<I’m right here!> Diabora said, sending himself rocketing towards Inazuma. Inazuma turned around and launched a Psycho Shadow Burst at Diabora, hitting it square in the chest. Diabora laughed, and said, <That tickles.> Inazuma continued to throw the Psycho Shadow Bursts at Diabora, until he became tired of the attacks, and erupted his Oblivion Shields, shields that teleported incoming attacks to Oblivion, the dimensional plane of nothingness.

<Its my turn now, Inazuma,> Inazuma said in a slightly different voice. He then began to transform into an XD Shadow Form of Zhu-Quiao. Diabora was surprised by this for a moment, but then began to shoot out fire from his Oblivion Shields using the Crystal of Nature. Inazuma, not fully Izaterasu, lunged at the Oblivion Shields with a Shadow Hellfire Blast, but again to no avail.

Diabora emerged from his shields, then jumped onto Izaterasu’s back, and dug his claws deep into the shadow spirit’s back. Diabora retracted his claws, now crimson with blood, and looked down below. The military was coming to take down his army, and the Mirage Pokemon were able to stop the Diablos from terrorizing the townspeople. He quickly realized that he had lost this battle.

Diabora sped off into the setting sun, as that night, billions celebrated the Homeworld’s first victory in a long time…

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