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Default Re: Harry Potter Trivia

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
i remember this one... You need to witness someone's death.
Right. :)

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lol I completly forgot about this. So sorry. Life's been hectec lately. I'm surprised I even remember my own name. :P

Ok, next question.
What was the name of the cafe that Harry and Cho went to on their date in book five?

Originally Posted by plasmaball3000
Which brings up the question of why Harry wasn't able to see them after his parents died when he actually saw that happen, but he was able to after he "saw" Cedric die (he was face-down in the ground at the time). But, that's a whole different topic ^^.
lol, I know. X_x I guess it's just one of JKR's little mistakes. She makes a few.
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