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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 3 is Up!]

Originally Posted by Lord Celebi View Post
This is set a month after the end of Team RP II.

And, yes, I picked all the songs for special reasons. That one especially. ;)

EDIT: Random thought. Anyone want a PM mailing list, so I can stop spamming threads to advertise this, since no one looks in Fan Fiction in the first place?
Oh ok. It just that you made Mike so old. haha Or sounds old. The gray hair I understand. The wrinkling as strange to me but meh. Damn the stress of war with an anicent beast. haha Your fanfic. I just like how you are doing it so far. It feels like an RP but better. haha

HAHA CHICKA CHICKA WANG WANG! haha I can see. I wonder what you have plan for Rust and Shairii moments. haha

I could go for that list. Also it be nice if you do stop doing that whole post in random places thing. haha

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