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Default Re: ~The Family Secret~ [SIGN-UPS]

Current Members of the PE2K Family:
+ Zion the Ledian (Nick the Angelic)
+ Bolt the Porygon2 (boltAge)
+ Jango the Pichu (jangofett)
+ Sutii the Gardevoir (Sutiivun)
+ Neo the Pikachu (NeoPikachu)
+ KC the Absol (KCash)
+ Thunderbird the Eevee (Thunderbird)
+ Master the Houndoom (HondoomMaster)
+ Ersatz the Grumpig (KhrypticCello)
+ Velly the Charizard (vellyvell)
+ Dragonblast the Blastoise (Blastoise)
+ Latios10 the Grovyle (Latios10)
+ Mr. E the Swellow (Pidgeot79)
+ Dark Shadow the Blaziken (Darkshadow)

Our artist is mixing up hsi days (XD), therefore the game will start tomorrow or Friday at the latest. And yes, it will be in a new thread.
Sign-Ups Conclude when the game starts.
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