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Default Re: Staring Death In The Face {PG 13}

A Growling Tail

Adam inched forward and bent down and grabbed the Pokeball. Adam leapt for joy . He shook his brown hair in the sun light. His blue eyes looked up in the sky, then they were attracted to Horsea. Suddenly Horsea became sucked up by a white light and started glowing. Adam stared, and his jaw dropped. He jumped up for joy as Horsea suddenly grew bigger, after a few seconds of joy the white light had faded away, Adam stared in disbelief and inched closer. All the light had disappeared and it left a new Pokemon.

It was twice the size of Horsea and had a long beak. Its wings were sharp and poisonous looking and it also looked very fast in rain. It had large scales and turned to face Adam. It had a serious look and it too edged forward slowly. Suddenly a smile came across both faces and they jumped towards each other and Adam wrapped his hands around the Seahorse Pokemon, being careful to miss it’s spikes. Adam slowly stopped hugging the Sea Horse Pokemon and grabbed his Pokedex from his back pocket and scanned it.

"Seadra, it is a Pokemon capable of swimming backwards by rapidly flapping its wing-like pectoral fins and stout tail. Touching the back fin causes numbness. It hooks its tail to coral to stay in place while sleeping. A clever Pokémon that can swim backwards while facing forward. Fainting may result from a jab of its sharp spikes. An examination of its cell revealed the presence of a gene not found in Horsea. It became a hot topic. Its fin tips leak poison. Its fins and bones are highly valued as ingredients in herbal medicine. The male raises the young. If it is approached, it uses its toxic spikes to fend off the intruder. An examination of its cell revealed the presence of a gene not found in Horsea."

Adam pondered and then chuckled as he returned Seadra into its ball.

“Good job Hors- I mean Seadra” Adam said in confusion.

Adam dug into his pocket and grabbed a pair of gloves and put them onto his cold and pale hands.

“Wow it’s suddenly turned cold” Adam said feeling cold.

After being paused for a few seconds Adam carried on going through the path to Hoenn to find Jeff.
Adam shuffled down the cold path leading to Hoenn. He felt the weather shift in seconds and he looked up, the sun had disappeared, he felt like he was standing there with Seadra for hours, but he knew he hadn’t.

Adam suddenly stopped, he could hear panting and somebody was running forward. Adam turned around and he saw a man in a cloak running closer to Adam every second. Adam stared like he had remembered him before, like he knew that person. Adam stopped and edged closer every second, the man was coming closer fast, very fast like he had a Houndoom chasing him. Then when he was almost twenty meters Adam suddenly recognized him, he was the man who had attacked him and stolen his Drifloon. Adam charged at him accelerating as fast as he could, as he got into a low body position. Milliseconds later at about the half way mark Adam had contact with the man and before the man could do anything Adam smashed his shoulder into his waist and tackled him down. He fell with the man and started rolling over so he was on top of him and held his hands around his neck, he could see the face clearly now. He could see the evil eyes and the crooked chin, and the un mistakable scar on his right cheek. He was also wearing the same cloak that he had attacked Adam with.

Adam tightened his grip on his neck and shouted “You f*****g son of a b****.”

Adam lifted his hand and curled it up into a fist in a split second. He stared at the guy in anger for a few seconds, letting his fury build and tightening his hold on the guy. Then his hand shot forward and it smashed towards the mans face. It came into contact with it’s nose, and squashed it almost flattening it in one blow. Adam returned his hand to his previous position and punched again, harder and towards the left into his eye. He pulled his hand out, leaving a black circle in his left eye.

“Feel the pain yet?” He said angrily.

Adam smacked him with another punch, as he squealed and groaned from Adam’s hits. Adam looked at the state of him and gave him a punch to the cheek and knocked him out unconscious. Adam got up and dusted his shirt as he got up.

“You shouldn’t have done it, you shouldn’t have done it” Adam said shaking his head in disgust.

Adam got up and was about to turn around when he remembered.

“You still have my Drifloon.”

Adam knelt down gently and pulled his cloak up to reveal, black trousers and a brown Pokemon belt. He saw three Poke balls strapped tightly on his belt. Adam looked for the clearly marked Ultra Ball, but there was non there at all. Adam slapped the man repeatedly trying to get him to wake up and he did. He never was knocked out he only pretended to be so he could sneak up on Adam.

The man flung Adam over to the floor with his legs and grabbed a pen knife with his back pocket.

“Oh little boy, you will feel much more pain than I felt, much more,” he said scarily.

He pointed his knife at Adam and drew closer towards him. He looked at him with his beady little eyes which were circled by two black rings and a scar leading from his right eye to his crooked chin.

"Master Harrison will be so proud of me, when I kill you and steal all of your Pokemon," he said with joy

Adam got up carefully keeping an eye on the deranged psychopath that wanted to kill him. Adam shuffled backwards, by brushing his backside across the floor and slowly heightening. He kept close attention to the man as he too was coming closer.

“Why are you doing this?” Adam said softly.

“I want your money, Pokemon and I want revenge!” he said in a low voice.

While he was talking Adam found his chance to get up but jumped backwards to dodge the swish of the small, yet sharp and deadly knife. The man stabbed the knife towards Adam, narrowly cutting Adams shirt and his left shoulder.

“I am so going to get you” Adam shouted in rage.

Adam ran towards him and slid down to the floor and kicked him to make him fall over in one fast movement. The scarred man fell shoulder first onto the hard ground path. Adam got his chance to get up while the man was still in pain. Adam dashed towards him, and grabbed the knife that lay motionless next to his opened hand. Adam picked it up and lifted it to his head height, ready, looking like he was about to shoot a spear. A rain drop of sweat dripped down from his forehead, and dripped down towards his chin, as he slowly let his arm fall towards the scarred mans head. Then a centimeter away, Adam stopped. He had realized what he had been doing.

“What am I doing” He said to himself.

“I’m taking your life, because I have a grudge against you” Adam said staring at the man.

Adam glanced at the knife and threw it towards the trees that were around the path. He got up and left him, Adam knew he would get no answers about his Drifloon. Adam jumped up and walked away. He knew he could have killed him but he didn’t.

Every few minutes Adam would look behind him, maybe to see the man again, but he knew he wouldn’t not after the last time they met.

Finally after a few hours of walking through the path, he had managed to make it to Olivine city. Adam stood at the hill that loomed over the city. Adam ran down trying to control his joy and his speed, but both were uncontrollable and he landed side ways with, dust and rips all over his clothes.

“I’m finally here, this will take me to Hoenn” he said happily.


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