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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Still covering my head, I gritted my teeth as tight as I could. “Not again,” I murmured. “Not again!” Images of Khrono and Kryal filled my mind. Sinister shadows twisted in front of my unopened eyelids. Why me?! What had I done?! “ARRGH!” My soundless scream coursed through my mind. I swore to myself that I’d never have a single friend again. How was I to know my fate was to be sealed when I met Zanna?

I remembered pouncing on her, pinning her to the ground effortlessly; that was our first meeting. I’ll admit then that she intrigued me; her cool blue eyes told many unwanted secrets. Then, after that, she rescued the two Chikorita from the cavern. Defeated an Aggron, so I’d heard…but it was actually Deoxys in disguise…She’d then completed her training and beat Codan, albeit by default.

At that time, I’d still felt nothing. For so long I’d been encased in my icy depths. Ever since that day I’d trained myself to feel no emotion at all; my father called them a weakness. That made me a lethal weapon in combat. So I’d been further trained in martial arts and given the title of lieutenant. I was now my father’s trusted right-hand man. Yet I loathed him, but I did so in discretion. To do so outright would utterly mean my death.

Why, then, did I disobey him and side with Zanna? I knew: Because she was the first Pokemon since Kryal that had opened up to me. She was the first friend I’d had since that day that had actually made me feel something again. Little by little, she was breaking my ice shield. But if I disobeyed my father, there would likely be another war, and we already had one on our hands…

The shadows pressed down harder, but they made me relax. Maybe it would be best if I was gone. No more turmoil…I sighed, letting the darkness freely engulf me. There was nothing left for me to care about now. No one needed me; I had no purpose. But yet…


The call came so abruptly. Had I been subconsciously trying to contact Zanna? My stress must have been enough to initiate the link, if only for a second. I growled inwardly, thrashing out as I felt a weight on my chest. “Go away!” Leave me to die in peace! It’s my destiny!

The weight pressed down harder every second until it was so heavy that I couldn’t breathe. I could feel my heart thud slower and slower before finally halting to a standstill. Fine…I thought. I will die knowing that I have saved a life. I closed my eyes, ready to resign to my fate, but something began to tug on me. A bright light blinded my vision and I lashed out on instinct. The light was pulling me up again!

I revelled in its warmth…it was so refreshing. How could I not follow? Reaching out almost automatically, I let it draw me upwards. But I stopped halfway. The light dimmed and began to fade out of focus. An intense spark flared within me. Now I’d tasted life again, I wanted it; craved it. “Grrr….ARGH!”

I thrashed about as the red spark grew stronger. Every minute brought me closer to the surface until I burst through the dark shield. Snapping my eyes open, I sat up and sent out a small force wave, knocking everything within a metre radius backwards. I caught my own breathing, rough and shallow, but there.

I glared at the haze that still surrounded me. I was not meant for this! I knew now that my destiny was not to die here; it was clearly something more. My ears picked up a sound beside me and I whirled around to face it, paws raised in defense. The red haze that obscured my vision made me shake my head in frustration. Dragging a paw back, I went to strike at the figure, but then stopped. Unable to move, my paw still swung back ready to punch, I inhaled a sharp breath.

The softest touch alerted my senses and made me freeze. A…paw? Yes, a paw stroked my arm in a soothing motion. It was so soft, it felt like a feather. The red haze began to lift and my eyelids drooped. Suddenly regaining my movement, I noticed the figure give a slight gasp before I passed out in its arms. This time it wasn’t ice that encased me, but silky fur and the gentle beat of a heart…


So we finally learn Rye's true name and the past that haunts him.

But will he ever be able to overcome it? Will Zanna be able to break through? And what is this army of Dark Pokemon?

Time will reveal all...

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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