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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Halloween + free time = NEW CHAPTER! (Nine.)

BEGIN Chapter Ten;

When Kris re-entered the clearing where the three had camped for the night, she found Cyrus performing a rather unusual practice on Magnezone.

“Wh-what are you doing?” She squeaked. Cyrus looked up. He appeared to be… repairing Magnezone. “You don’t know how a Magnezone works! You could hurt him!” She ran over, but Cyrus put out a hand. “One, I’m good with machines. Two, I’ve been living as a Magneton for the past ten years. If that isn’t knowing what you’re doing, I can’t think of what is.”

Kris grumbled angrily and got back into her sleeping bag, Bibarel curled up next to her.


“We should be nearing Sandgem Town right about now.” It was the next morning, and Caro, Kris, and Cyrus were on their own once again. “Shrubbery?” Caro asked in a bored tone, turning to Cyrus for a second. “Shrubbery.” Came the equally blank reply.


“Hey, Caro. I’m going to poke around over there. Don’t get yourself killed, okay?” Kris pointed to one end of Sandgem Town. “Whatever.” Caro mumbled. He turned the other way to wander aimlessly. He did so, for a few minutes… until a rather dramatic entrance interrupted him.

“Hey! You!”

Abruptly, a woman burst out of a house on the northern side of town. She was a thin person, wearing a black shirt and blue pants underneath a white lab coat. She had jet-black hair that went down to her shoulder blades in he back with long stringy bangs covering her face. Her eyes were a bit larger than normal, and her face a bit longer, too. She looked to be what humans called a ‘professor’.

Caro nearly jumped out of his skin as the woman blasted out the door facing him, panting slightly. “Have you seen a tall guy, spiky blue hair, sorta pale fa-“ Apparently, this lady was describing Cyrus. Caro opened his mouth to respond, but at that moment, an Ursaring slipped outside and covered one broad paw over the woman’s mouth. “Urrrrrrrrsa-ring!” It scolded.

“What in the- Professor, are you ambushing travelers again?” A third figure stomped out of the house. This one was a female, about twelve years old. Most of her thick, brown hair was tied back in a lengthy ponytail, though her bangs and some locks on the side of her face were left untied. She was wearing a white shirt under a tattered charcoal-colored jacket, as well as blue jeans patched in various places. A look of combined embarrassment and anger was twisted onto her face. “Ursaring, you can let go now.” She commanded.

The girl turned to Caro, who recognized her immediately and backed up a few steps. “Wait a second…” the girl began. “You’re with the scumbag, aren’t you?” Her eyes narrowed. “Where’s the other tagalong? Licking her wounds in the forest? Shame… I wanted to ask how the useless Bibarel she got was coming along.”

“Actually, I’m right here.” Kris said bitingly, exiting the Pokémart and moving over to stand next to Caro. “You called?” She growled. “Well, isn’t this just fine and good. Hey, you know what I just noticed? The scumbag isn’t here. Now, where could he be…?” The girl looked around in mock confusion; hand on her chin, she wanted to see Caro and Kris’ reaction.


Cyrus really detested Sandgem Town.

Not only was it dangerously close to Mesprit, it was also where the brat – Dawn, was it? – Was currently in residence. No doubt about it; if the woman – as she probably was now - saw him, Cyrus was dead meat. He made his way as quickly and quietly as he could through the vegetation, but stopped short when he heard Kris’ voice echoing form the town. Was she… shouting?

“This will not end well.” He began to peer out from the shadows of a large building – probably Dawn’s lab, but he didn’t honestly care – and watched as the scene unfolded before him.

Kris and another girl seemed to be shouting, in an argument of some sort. The girl… she was the same idiot who had attacked him in midair a few days ago. His prediction, he felt, was entirely correct; this would not end well at all.

“What’s your name, anyway?” Caro huffed. “We can’t possibly unleash our poison-tongued wrath upon you without your name.” Kris glared at him, but the girl fell for it. “You,” she said, “may call me Rin. I came from Kanto, and have traveled all over the world, y’see – but I don’t see how dingbats like you knew what Kanto was.” Kris snarled. If there was one thing she hated, it was people acting all high-and-mighty and treating everyone else like dirt.

“Now listen here, you.” Kris growled at Rin. “I’d be more than happy to kick you and your Pokémon’s sorry tails.” Rin smiled nastily. “Aww, but I really do hate seeing insolent little children get hurt… well, okay. Double battle. Me against you and your boyfriend.” Caro wasn’t paying much attention up until this point, but at the mention of him being Kris’ girlfriend he stiffened up. “You’re on.” He spat at her. “Ooh, goody goody.”

“Charizard, Tyranitar. You’re up.” Rin flung two Pokéballs into the air, to reveal two menacing Pokémon. One was a large red-orange dragon, with a long tail tipped with fire that lashed every which way. It had a strong jaw, and bared its sharp teeth. Leathery dragon wings spread out as it roared, making the Charizard look even scarier than it already was.

The other was a large green lizard-like Pokémon, with thick armor. Its eyes glinted malevolently, as it let out a huge roar. It had a blue diamond-shaped indentation in its stomach area, as well as an armored, multi-layered tail. Tyranitar shook its large head violently, and put out one claw, talon pointed at the two teenagers with a very “Hey! You!” expression on its face. (Yes, this was a reference to the incredibly amusing D/P sprite.)

Rin sighed. “Tyranitar, Tyranitar. Must you be so showy?” Tyranitar rumbled, but made no further comment. Kris rolled her eyes. “Can’t you see your Pokémon hate you? You’re a bad Trainer, and you don’t cut them any slack. At all.” She took out a Pokéball, and glanced at Caro. “Right. Sneasel, go!” He flung the ball into the air, and Sneasel leapt back down, ready to pummel whatever stood in its way.

At least it was, until it saw what its opponents were. “A Charizard. Really.” Sneasel glared back at Caro. Kris shook her head, and took out a Pokéball. “Medicham, get ready!” Medicham leaped out from its Ball in a graceful motion, striking a taunting pose before getting into battle position. Caro stared at her as if she was stupid, but Kris just grinned back. “It’s okay,” she whispered. “I have it covered.” Caro shook his head and turned back to the battle.

Rin either wasn’t thinking, or didn’t remember Medicham’s move set, as she decided to attack Sneasel. “Tyranitar, Stone Edge on Sneasel!” Tyranitar began to slam the ground with its tail and fists, sending large chunks of rock into the air. A bright white glow emitted from its eyes as the boulders were sent hurdling towards Sneasel.

But, just for good measure, Charizard began charging a Fire Fang. Once the necessary amount of combustion was arranged in its mouth (it must be heat-proof), Charizard lunged for Medicham. She giggled like a young girl, and watched with a grin as the Charizard aimed for her. At the last second, she leaped in the air and landed behind Charizard with a spin and a Thunderpunch.

Sneasel yelped in pain as the Super Effective Rock-type move came in contact. He was knocked back, but endured and was still ready to fight. Tyranitar rolled its eyes and lined up a Rock Slide. “Metal Claw, Sneasel!” “Now you’re thinking.” Sneasel’s claw took on a metallic sheen, and he sprinted towards the Tyranitar, who was busy making a giant rock appropriate for sliding. The Super Effective attack hit him in the unguarded blue area of his chest. “GACK!” Tyranitar shouted. “That was cheap, man. Real cheap.” He began to haul the huge boulder up, until he could fling it at Sneasel.

Medicham, noticing that Sneasel was in trouble, turned her attention away from Charizard. “Hi Jump Kick!” Medicham proclaimed as she bounded into the air once again; she wasn’t trying to be fancy or graceful this time – she just needed to be accurate. Charizard took the chance, and began another Fire Fang.

The following situation was quite interesting: Tyranitar was on the receiving end of one of Medicham’s Hi Jump Kicks while she was being bitten around the waist by Charizard. A simultaneous scream of pain from Medicham and Tyranitar ensued. Both fell to the ground, defeated.

Charizard blew the last bit of smoke from his mouth, and looked around. This little skirmish of theirs had attracted the attention of the entire town. Even Ursaring had dragged Professor Dawn Driftwood out from her lab to watch.

“Well, well.” Charizard let out a loud laugh that made Sneasel whimper in fear. “It would seem your comrade-in-arms has fainted. You have no decent attacks against me, and almost any move in my arsenal could destroy you in a heartbeat. I think I’ll savor the moment, and watch you cower at the same time! This is just too much fun.” Charizard shot a toothy grin down at Sneasel, who was looking up into the large dragon’s eyes.

This is it, man. Sneasel thought. It’s been a nice life.


About time, too.

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