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Default Re: The 493 Beasts That Brought Doom

Originally Posted by Starkipraggy View Post

Okay, so you did everything I asked for... Prunesip still doesn't have a description, but meh, Signore and the unknown guy gets one, so forget it. And Slowpoke is now hurt even worse! Oh no! Now it's capturable.

And because it is capturable, Slowpoke is now CAPTURED. Yay!

Thanks for the regrade. :0 Better get started on the Third Chapter, I'll edit this post. x3

NOTE: The introduction will only recap the second chapter. If you want the recap of the first, read the intro on the second chapter. It'll continue like this for the rest of the series.

EDIT: Finally, the much awaited for third chapter! *drumroll*

Chapter Three: Machop

Quick Recap

In the second chapter, Prunesip successfully captured the yellow Pokemon. Prunesip gave it to Signore, and after some miscellanous stuff such as healing themselves and the Pokemon with first aid kits, they set out on their journey again. They met up with a ferociously large bird Pokemon that nearly killed them with a wind attack. The attack missed, but the wind of the attack gusted them away to some other place and knocked them unconscious. When they awoke, they found themselves unsatisfied with their power and angered they had lost to the strong bird Pokemon. So, they train. After training, they notice an exceptionally slow pink Pokemon approaching them. The Pokemon fights with them. With some kind of sleep-inducing attack, it knocks out Combee and Signore. Lopunny and Prunesip, whom stay awake, manage to do battle with the Pokemon for a bit longer. Lopunny got knocked out first, then Prunesip. Just as Prunesip was about to die, the bird Pokemon that attacked Prunesip and the others comes back again. It stops the other Pokemon from killing Prunesip and distracts it with a star attack. A Shiwarian riding the bird Pokemon slips off the Pokemon and captures the Pokemon.

When Prunesip awoke, he looked around. There was the bodies of the unconscious bulky Signore, Combee and Lopunny beside him. Also there was the bird Pokemon from before.

"Aiyeeh!" Prunesip cried, scrambling away from the bird Pokemon as fast as he could. He hit something with the back of his head, and looked behind him. There was an incredibly short but muscled Shiwarian looking down at him. He made a very threatening sight, what with the incredibly bright light of Wenson glaring down from behind his head and the sword sheath strapped onto his back diagonally, complete with the sword. He quickly got onto his feet, and started to sprint away from the scary duo.

"Hey, wait! We're not your enemies!" the Shiwarian cried.

"Lugia!" The Pokemon seemed to be agreeing with the Shiwarian. Prunesip thought this odd, and then considered the fact that the Pokemon wasn't attempting to kill the Shiwarian. The Shiwarian was either a resistance fighter or a very tough Shiwarian.

Prunesip stretched out to the mysterious figure with his mind, and realized the Shiwarian and an ally. He searched the bird Pokemon next. It too was a friendly. Prunesip frowned at this, remembering the time the exact same Pokemon attempted to kill him, Signore, Combee and Lopunny.

"Well, I don't believe you guys, but my mind probe says otherwise. You guys have some explaining to do. First off, what happened to that pink Pokemon that was attacking me and my partners? It certainly didn't just leave us alive," Prunesip said.

The Shiwarian explained how he had seen Prunesip fighting with the pink Pokemon. Just as the victorious Pokemon was about to finish Prunesip off, the Shiwarian (whom had introduced himself as Verlo) had distracted with the bird Pokemon that was apparently named Lugia (a.k.a. "angelic bird" in the Shiwarian tongue) and dropped off the bird. Then, Verlo had faked a slash on the Pokemon with his long silver blade Anjo. Finally, he had managed to put a seal on the Pokemon's head that tamed it.

Prunesip nodded throughout the explanation. Many emotions were bottling up inside of him. Awe that Verlo had beat the Pokemon, jealousy that he had lost to Verlo, grateful that Verlo had saved his life, curiousity at how he created these Paper Seals, and many more.

"I've got plenty of questions to ask about you, do you mind?" Prunesip asked.

"Wait until your friend there wakes up. I don't want to answer the same questions twice," Verlo responded, petting Lugia. Then, he said, "Ah, there you are!"

The question was directed at something behind Prunesip, and he turned. There was the Pokemon that had knocked him unconscious. According to Verlo, this Pokemon was now tamed. Still, Prunesip couldn't help jumping back in fear a little.

"Slooooooowpoke." The Pokemon yawned lazily, then fell asleep on the ground.

"W-where'd it come from?" Prunesip asked shakily.

"You talking about Slowpoke over there? Well, once I tamed it, I immediately probed its mind. Among some other things, I found a deep desire to randomly walk around. This Pokemon isn't too bright. Most of the things I found in its small brain were random, and made no sense whatsoever." Verlo said, chuckling a little. "It's been gone for an hour now, and I had been starting to get worried about it! The poor thing's exhausted, I can feel with my probe in my mind!"

Laughing lightly, Prunesip noticed that waves of fatigue were emnating from the Pokemon named Slowpoke upon closer inspection. That Verlo could identify it without sending his probe outside of his mind, even by a millimeter, was incredible. This Shiwarian was quite the something indeed.

Signore awoke at that point. When he saw Lugia, the sleeping Slowpoke and Verlo together with Prunesip, he gasped in fear, and extracted his claw-weapon from his right hand.

"Step away from him!" Signore growled. His growl woke up Lopunny and Combee, and once they noticed Signore threatening two Pokemon they had previously known as enemies and the unfamiliar Shiwarian, they put their minds to the same assumption as Signore's.

"Signore, wait! You've got it all wrong!" Prunesip exclaimed. He quickly explained that Verlo was an ally, as was Lugia and Slowpoke. He next recounted the story of what happened after Signore and Combee fell asleep up until the Slowpoke had been captured.

"Ah, I see. My apologies," Signore said, bowing his head in shame.

"No problem. Your friend Prunesip here was of a similar mind, though he attempted to flee rather than fight." Verlo chuckled a little.

Signore and Prunesip bombarded Verlo with questions. From his answers, they gathered he was a resistance fighter just like them, and he had figured out a formula to capture Pokemon just as Prunesip had. He had found another way to capture Pokemon, the method of Paper Seals. However, Verlo was out of paper to write the seal on, so he had no more Paper Seals. He had only made two before he heard a commotion that was the Lugia a group of four, most likely to be Prunesip and the others. He captured Lugia with the assist of Anjo, and then decided to travel around Funce with the hope of meeting up with others. He saw Prunesip get struck down by Slowpoke, and rushed down to assist.

Once Signore and Prunesip ran out of questions, Verlo asked his. He learned how Prunesip had managed to create a forumula just like his, and then met up with Signore and the rest of the ESP, whom Prunesip found out had been a team for nearly a month, the longest any resistance team has survived. Verlo also learned a bit about how the duo had given their Pokemon's attacks names. He commented that it was smart, and he too, had done the same with Lugia. He was also intending to work with Slowpoke as soon as possible. Finally, due to Verlo's request, Signore and Prunesip recounted their battles against Lugia and Slowpoke.

"Well," Signore said once Verlo was done asking his questions, "how would you like to join us?"

"Sure, why not?" Verlo answered happily.

"Great," Prunesip said, "Welcome to the team!"

"You know, we should have a name! We are a resistance team, after all," Signore gasped as the idea struck him.

"Why not go with the same as your last resistance group as a way to remember them?" Prunesip inquired.

"Sounds like a great idea," Verlo agreed.

"No. I don't want to remember anything about them. Thinking about them keeps me awake at nights, tormented by my failure to protect their lives." Signore gulped.

"Then how about... the Widern?" Prunesip asked, using the Gigolian word for resistance.

"Doesn't sound half bad," Verlo said. Signore consented as well.

"Then it's settled. We, the Widern, shall be the resistance team that legends shall speak of!" Prunesip announced confidently.

"Yeah!" Verlo grinned. "By the way, do you lending me some Pokeballs for Lugia and Slowpoke and whatever other Pokemon we come across? The time may come when-"

"-you need a Pokeball and I'm not there, I know. Signore made the same suggestion." Prunesip said, transferring a couple Pokeballs to Verlo. Verlo tossed two at Lugia and Slowpoke. Since the duo was already tamed, the Pokeball didn't even shake. Once the Pokeball's "Succesfully Caught" light glowed, Verlo absorbed Slowpoke's inside his body, and released Lugia from its.

"Well, I guess it's time for us to get going, guys. Get on Lugia," Verlo said.

Signore had no trouble getting on, but Prunesip, being scared of heights, had to be convinced by Verlo and Signore together that it was safe. As it was, he held onto the violet extensions on Lugia's back and never let go the entire ride as he sat just below the group of spikes. Verlo sat on Lugia's neck, and Signore just in front of the spikes.

They flew at an amazing speed with no actual destination in mind. They just roamed the cloudless skies searching for Pokemon on both ground and air. Though Funce was small for a planet, it was still big enough to conceal the remaining 489 Pokemon despite its detailless surface. Still, it was inevitable that the three Shiwarians and Lugia would happen upon a Pokemon sooner or later. They found one 45 minutes into their travel. The one they found was completely gray, apart from its large red eyes and three brown half-circle-shaped protrusions jutting out from the top of its head. When they saw it, Verlo immediately ordered Lugia to descend. Prunesip, Verlo and Signore jumped off as soon as it was safe. Verlo drew Anjo from its sheath, and Signore extracted his claw-weapon from his body. Prunesip, the only one without a weapon, decided to send out Lopunny. Verlo and Signore noticed this, and let out Slowpoke and Combee. Lugia roared from behind them, hovering a little over the ground.

"Hey, wait, you guys," Signore said, "I wanna get this Pokemon myself, if you don't mind. I missed out on the fight with Slowpoke, and I barely did anything against Combee! I have to do this, I want to do this!"

"No, just you and Combee aren't strong enough to defeat this one! Look at its muscles!" Prunesip protested.

"Yeah, Signore! We are confident in your powers, but I mean seriously, look at that thing!" Verlo exclaimed.

"Verlo, you've managed to capture Lugia by yourself! It's humongous! This thing may be muscled, but it's puny!" Signore argued.

The Pokemon watched them bicker, and decided to made up their mind for them.

"Machop!" the Pokemon cried, jumped, and slammed a fist on the ground. The ground underneath its fist cracked into many pieces. A barrage of rocks slided down on the group. Signore rolled one way, and everyone else backstepped to avoid the rocks. The falling rocks created a large wall between Signore and the others. Signore looked behind them, and despite his situation, he grinned. Now, he had this Pokemon all to himself.

Signore charged the Pokemon with his claw-weapon outstretched like a falcon's wing, albeit one that was lethal.

The gray Pokemon grinned anticipatedly, and leaped over Signore. Signore slid to a stop, and immediately turned to face the Pokemon.

"Machop chop chop!" the Pokemon barked, running towards Signore while drawing its arm back to prepare a punch. As soon as it was in range, the Pokemon threw the punch at Signore's chest. Signore immediately blocked with his claw-weapon, and he heard it crack a little. The Pokemon's strength must've been incredible to crack the weapon.

"Incredible," Signore murmured in awe, swiping at the Pokemon's right flank with the claw-weapon. The Pokemon easily jumped over the attack, and once it landed, it tossed a punch with one of its hands that suddenly started to spark with electricity. The electric punch hit Signore in the chest. If a Shiwarian's body wasn't able to withstand the most brutal of beatings, Signore's body would've failed. As it was, Signore's body hit the rock barrier seperating him from his teammates, making a loud thud as he did so.

"Ergh..." Signore groaned, and spat out blood. "You'll pay for that..."

"Maaa... Chop!" the Pokemon yelled, and threw a punch with such power that it would've immediately killed a Shiwarian of any stamina if it hadn't missed. The punch hit the ground just to the left of Signore, and made a small but deep hole in the ground. Signore took this as a chance to prepare the Pokemon for capture and slashed its back with the claw-weapon. The three-pronged weapon fractured into many pieces once it came in contact with the heavily muscled Pokemon, many of which embedded themselves into the Pokemon's back, causing blood to spurt out.

"Machop!!!" the Pokemon screamed in pain, and slumped to the ground, landing beside Signore. Though it was small, it had put up a remarkable fight. The Pokemon struggled to get back up, but the wounds caused by the claw-weapon's pieces were deep. It gave up, and started to wrestle each fragment of the weapon out of its back. It was a grueling task, but the defiant Pokemon refused to give up. Soon, it was back on its feet, with the pieces of the claw-weapon on the ground. The Pokemon crushed them with its foot, and stared at Signore, whom had been unable to move this entire time. The electric punch had paralyzed him, and he was unable to move.

Signore knew it was over for him. The Pokemon grinned at him evilly and pulled a punch with a fist blazing with fire with heat hot enough to match those of an active volcano's. The Pokemon somehow felt no pain from this fire, most likely because it had somehow conjured it and was immune to it.

The Pokemon threw the punch. Signore felt the amazing heat impact his body. It felt as if Wenson itself had focused its rays into one large beam and then aimed the beam at him.

Lopunny saw Signore die. A rock from the gray Pokemon had injured Lugia's right wing, making it unable to fly until its wing recovered. The size of the rocks prevented the others from smashing the rocks with Pokemon moves in fear of the entire structure collapsing, so they had decided to go around the incredibly large wall. Lopunny had gone on ahead with its Agility attack, a move that raised its speed to very high levels.

"Lopunny!" the brown Pokemon cried, watching Signore's body burn. It immediately used its Quick Attack, an attack that utilized its Agility attack to make it offensive. Lopunny rammed into the small little gray Pokemon headfirst. The speed of Lopunny's charge had given the impact more power, and thus the small gray Pokemon was knocked away. Once it landed on the ground, it did a barrel roll on the ground for a bit before stopping. Once it stopped, it struggled to get up. Lopunny quickly jumped into the air, and came down with a powerful kick aimed at the weakened Pokemon. The power of the attack knocked the Pokemon's body into the earth, crushing the ground easily. Lopunny revealed a Pokeball given to it by Prunesip from its previously closed left hand. It had been given instructions to assist Signore, and capture the Pokemon with the Pokeball if Signore was unable to. Lopunny flung the Pokeball at the battered and bruised gray Pokemon, which entered the black capsule. The ball hit the ground, and shook, and shook, and shook. The little Pokemon inside, weak as it was, was still hellbent on getting out. Though it was badly hurt, it was still strong. Lopunny prayed that it wouldn't get it, for Prunesip had only given it one Pokeball.

Wanted: Machop
Needed Characters: 5k-10k iirc
Characters: Forgot the exact amount, but it was among the 14000's. :P


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