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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter ELEVEN up!)

BEGIN Chapter Twelve;
Something Legendary This Way Comes

It was quite odd how Fate would mess with Kris (and everyone else in the little traveling party) in this fashion.

She did not pretend that she knew what the heck Fate was thinking, or why it went out to lunch and left Irony to tweak about for it.

In reality, Fate was having a lot of fun.

Palkia watched his little reunion in hysterics. “I… am… a… genius!” He chortled. It was quite obvious that Palkia was enjoying this immensely.

“Having fun?” Dialga asked, plodding into the room and trying not to scratch his annoyingly long and sharp foot ornaments on the luminous ivory-and-pearl flooring.

“I’m fine…” Palkia turned to his brother. “But did you see what I did there?” Dialga frowned. “You’re quite the prankster, aren’t you? Arceus might not be too thrilled about it.” Palkia harrumphed and folded his arms.

“Now why would Arceus be mad?” He frowned. “It was all in good fun. Besides, nobody got hurt.”

Shaymin padded into the room. “Are you sure?” She asked meekly. “It looked pretty bad out there. Plus you made Cyrus go out into the open…”

“That was Mesprit,” Palkia argued back. “Besides, all I did was make the two pass Professor Driftwood. All of the other stuff was her doing.”

“And you could have stopped it, though.” Shaymin flicked into Sky form and leaped onto Palkia’s desk, where he was controlling the universe on what seemed to be a large touch screen. “But did you? Nope.”

“No I couldn’t. I can’t control another Legendary…”

“But you could control Magnezone.”

“I could not! I make fate. I don’t control things. You want control? Go whine to Arceus or someone.” Dialga nodded in agreement.

“True.” He rumbled. “Well,” Shaymin frowned, and grabbed a rather good-looking French éclair from Palkia’s own creation, the Platter of Spacewarped Baked Goods.

“Just what makes you think you couldn’t put a barrier or something in the way?” She frowned, taking a small bite out of the éclair.

“I was busy in Johto.” Palkia grumbled, snatching the Platter of Spacewarped Baked Goods out of Shaymin’s paws. Shaymin rolled her eyes and turned away to float back down to the floor.

“Well, fine.” She said. “Be that way.” And with one last wave of her short tail, Shaymin padded out of the room.

“There’s nothing going on in Johto, is there?” Dialga asked. “Nope. Nothing at all.” Palkia replied with a wry grin.


Kris was trying quite hard to be an optimist. She really was. But so far, everything that had happened here had gone pretty bad. And when things get pretty bad, Kris’ mood takes a nosedive.

She trudged irritably through the forest, taking glances at hr traveling companions once or twice. One of them was a helpless goofball, and the other was… well…

“What are we supposed to do now?” Kris asked irritably, as much to the open air as to Caro and Cyrus. “Turning around isn’t the most fantastic of ideas, and nor is going forward. Can’t go around it, can’t go under it.”

“That leaves only one option: go above it.” Came Cyrus’ reply. “Where to?” Caro asked. Cyrus looked up. “It should be late enough by now.” He observed. “We are going to Eterna City.” Caro and Kris had no question why.

Nodding, the two smaller figures whipped out their Pokéballs and flung them into the air. Cyrus did the same. “Eterna City.” He said, once the three Pokémon were all present.

Honchkrow looked around cautiously, a hint of fear in his eyes. “Are you sure…?” He squawked. “I mean… Eterna is… and the building… and the…” But he quickly cut off the string of complaints. “Okay, okay! I get it! You can stop staring at me now!” (Unfortunately, Cyrus hadn’t kept his promise to never attempt interaction again.)

After the three had ascended their mounts and were up in the air, Cyrus’ Crobat was sent ahead to scout for danger (danger, in this case, meaning Trainers or enraged Legendaries). After the Pokémon returned with no news of importance, he was sent back to his Pokéball after declining the offer to keep flying.

It was, as Crobat promised, an uneventful ride. Nothing but cold, wet cloud, pricks of light, and dark blue vastness around the three… it got quite boring, but thankfully the ride didn’t drag on that long.

The lights on the Pokémon Center were, of course, on. That could mean only one thing, and nobody was quite thrilled about what that one thing was. As Caro, Kris, and Cyrus trudged along the forest area next to the path from Eterna Forest, the light coming from the Pokémon Center faintly illuminated something a little way to the north. Kris cringed, and Caro took a sharp intake of breath.

For, in the exact location that the Eterna Galactic building had been before, there was the same building – except most of it was crumbled ruin.

A normal person in Cyrus’ position would not be too pleased with this. But this is Cyrus we’re talking about, so there was none of that ‘emotion’ rubbish here. Arceus no.

Thus forth, Cyrus felt nothing at all when he saw that mess of brick that used to be the Eterna Galactic Base.

“Ouch.” Caro mumbled, breaking the silence. “So that’s what… about half of the building looked like.” Kris said, more to herself than anyone else. Suddenly, her eyes widened in surprise as the moon shifted for a second and caught a glimpse of light from within the half-crumpled ruin.

“Hey! Did you see that?” Apparently, Caro had seen it too. “Yes.” Cyrus whispered back. Caro voiced his opinion (which wasn't all that unexpected). “I say we investigate. It’s around one in the morning, and who’s gonna look at an old ruin anyways?” Nobody had any better ideas, so Caro lead the way into the ruined building.

Around this time, Cyrus was beginning to lose his grip on the rotten things people called ‘emotion’. He was keeping a blank face and tone, yes, but with some difficulty. It was quite overwhelming, in fact.

“Hunh? What’s this?” Kris broke into Cyrus’ train of thought. “What is it?” Caro leaped over a rubble pile to see, as did Cyrus. She was holding something small and red. It was chipped and cracked in several places; it looked like a chain link. It was blood red, however, and had the texture of sandpaper. “Give me that.” Cyrus took the peculiar link from Kris’ palm.

“It’s a piece of the Red Chain.” He said finally. “However, it was very crudely made and did not have the proper materials required for its creation. Whoever made this was either in a hurry, not paying any attention, or didn’t care. The third option seems the most likely. However…”Cyrus’ voice trailed off. Caro and Kris simply stared at him, surprised and astonished by his accurate explanation just by looking at it.

“’However’ what?” Caro asked. “However, this was not made by any human being.” “Well what do you think made it? A Bibarel?” Caro protested cynically, crossing his arms. “Hey!” Kris hissed in his direction. Caro rolled his eyes, clearly forgetting about Kris’ Bibarel. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Not a Bibarel, or any other normal Pokémon, for that matter.” Cyrus continued to scrutinize the Red Chain link. “No… this had to have been made by a Legendary, of some sort.” “And what Legendary would try to make a Red Chain?” Caro snorted.

“I have a fairly good idea who, in fact.” Came his response.

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