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Default URPG Tornado Tag Championship[Round Two][New Announcement and Deadline]

Welcome to the Round 2 of the URPG Tornado Tag Championship! Sorry it took quite a while to bring this round up.
But let's not delay any further! Below are the new Matchups, Prizes and Battle Rules.

Remaining Entrants :
Adrenaline [Yanmega, Snorlax]
AmericanTreeFrog [Lapras, Infernape]
ArcanineSavior [Infernape, Dragonite]
ball [Raichu, Infernape]
Michael [Kingdra, Togekiss]
Haze [Infernape, Tyranitar]
Leman [Jolteon, Kingdra]
Marth [Alakazam, Gengar]
Iridium [Gengar, Infernape]
LOLgg [Crobat, Hitmonlee]
Neon Skarmory [Electrode, Porygon-Z]
The Jr Trainer [Swampert, Metagross]
Ketamine [Crobat, Weavile]
Tyranitar_Trainer [Hypno, Machamp]
Fossil Fusion [Metagross, Alakazam]
RawrIsMyMiddleName [Infernape, Crobat]

Matchups :
ArcanineSavior & Leman VS Neon Skarmory & Iridium
Fossil Fusion & Haze VS ball & Marth
Jr & LOLgg VS Adrenaline & Ketamine
Tyranitar_Trainer & AmericanTreeFrog Vs Michael & RawrIsMyMiddleName

Prizes :
Champion of the Tournament : A choice of a Demanding Tier Mon.
Runner-Up : A choice of Complex Tier Mon.

Battle Rules :
2 People Vs 2 People [Double Battle]
2 Pokemon from each person
Sleep/Freeze Clause
Normal Weather/Terrain
Auto-Taunt [Optional]
No items except helds [Optional]

Deadline of Battles: December 9th 2008
Referees : Post all Logs here, and with a little description :P
You get $3,000 for reffing each battle.

ANNOUNCEMENT : The Deadline of the Battle has been set. Get your battles done ASAP and post them here. Any queries or such, IM or PM me. Thanks!

Paired with Jaye l My Family l Wifi League

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