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Default Pokemon World Gyms! All regions open seeking leaders and challengers!

Pokemon World Gyms!

Welcome to the Pokemon World Gyms. The Pokemon World Gyms are gyms for each region of Pokemon, Sinnoh, Hoenn,Johto, and Kanto. Each region has 16 gyms, 8 wifi and 8 shoddy. Each of the gyms types are based on the gyms in the games. If you beat all the Wifi or all the Shoddy gyms in a region you will have a chance to become part of the Elite 4 of that region. I have chosen 3 other owners for these gyms and they each control one region. Each person is permitted 1 gym in each region and if they have both wifi and shoddy they can have 2 gyms in a region as long as they are the same type. These gyms are massive and will need the help of every battler in Pe2k. I hope that these gyms will prevail and become the greatest gyms made on Pe2k.

^Credit to Aurastorm^

¤No Spamming or Flaming¤
¤Follow Gym Leaders Rules of Battle¤
¤For each region you can only use pokemon in that region. Example: Kanto pokemon only in Kanto region and Kanto + Johto pokemon only in Johto region¤
¤Follow all Pe2k rules¤


Skottles - Sinnoh Region
Bolt_Master_Seth - Hoenn Region
Black Label - Johto Region
Dark Turtwig - Kanto Region

Registration Form

FC/Shoddy Name:
Gym you want:
Gym Rules:

Chat Room

Come here to find gym battles easier and to talk with other people participating in the gyms and the owners.

Gym News

We have a new Hoenn owner! Bolt_Master_Seth. We now have a new thread because old Hoenn leader Captain Chaos has quit Pe2k.

^Credit to Korklosh^

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