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Default Re: [P]sychotic [W]altz ~ We've merged with TCO! ~ DON'T POST YET!

► PO's Strategies Area ◄

Togekiss @ Life Orb
Nature: Naughty/Lonely
Ev's: 252 Atk / 152 SpA / 104 Spe

~ ExtremeSpeed
~ Aura Sphere / Focus Punch
~ Flamethrower / Shadow Ball
~ Roost / Focus Punch

Togekiss is well-known for its high special attack, but due to its ability Hustle, its Attack can be very high as well. This provides Togekiss the ability to surprise and KO some of its usual counters, as well as the ability to end sweeps by frail sweepers.

The key to this set is ExtremeSpeed. With the maximum investment in Attack EVs and a positive Attack Nature, Hustle boosts Togekiss's Attack to 327. When that attack is applied to STAB ExtremeSpeed, it can have devastating results. For example, it deals 47.47% - 55.91% to max defense Blissey, guaranteeing a 2HKO with Stealth Rock and Leftovers taken into account. Similarly, 252 HP / 220 Def Zapdos takes 37.24% - 43.75%, which has the possibility of 2HKOing with Stealth Rock, even through leftovers. These are two of Togekiss's main counters on a standard set, so the ability to deal with them in this way is an obvious boon.

This is especially useful due to the element of surprise. Most players expect Togekiss to be a relatively slow, yet fairly bulky Special attacker, usually relying on ParaFlinching. This can often allow Togekiss to get its first kill unexpectedly, allowing it to end potential sweeps. Here are some calculations for ExtremeSpeed versus common 4 HP / 0 Def sweepers:
Damage Calculations

Alakazam: 100%
Azelf: 71.92% - 84.59%
Infernape: 70.75% - 83.33%
Weavile: 79.08% - 92.91%
Heracross: 65.89% - 77.48%
Salamence: 56.93% - 67.17%
Gyarados: 57.53% - 67.77%

Note that Salamence and Gyarados calculations do not factor in Intimidate

The rest of the set focuses on taking out the Pokemon that can wall Togekiss's ExtremeSpeed effectively. Aura Sphere will always KO 4HP / 0 SpD Tyranitar under Stealth Rock, and has a chance of doing so to 252 HP Tyranitar. It also is effective against many of the Steel types that resist ExtremeSpeed, especially those with a high Def and relatively low SpD. It has a chance to OHKO Heatran with Stealth Rock damage. Focus Punch can be used over Aura Sphere to guarantee the OHKO on Tyranitar and Heatran. It also would provide another possibility against Blissey, guaranteeing a OHKO. However, it requires a much better degree of prediction and will not be effective against many Steel-types, so should only be used if Flamethrower is chosen as the third move, or if Roost is left off the set. Keep in mind, however, that losing Roost makes Togekiss significantly more fragile, especially with no defensive EV investment, Life Orb, and Weakness to Stealth Rock.

As for the third move, Flamethrower provides excellent coverage against Steel types that take Aura Sphere or Focus Punch neutrally. It will OHKO 252 HP Scizor, Skarmory, and Forretress. It will also do 71.70% - 84.34% against 252 HP Metagross and will guarantee a 2HKO against (non-Heatproof) Bronzong and Jirachi. Shadow Ball, on the other hand, provides better coverage against Ghost-types, and will OHKO Gengar and 2HKO Dusknoir, who otherwise pose a problem for this set.

The EVs allow Togekiss to outrun max Speed Adamant Tyranitars, such as DDTar, while still allowing for an optimum spread of offensive power. If outrunning Adamant Tyranitar is not a concern, the EVs can be placed into SpA to further increase offensive power or into HP to increase survivability a little. Naughty versus Lonely depends on whether you expect to take Physical Attacks or Special Attacks more. Naughty provides more balanced defenses, while Lonely maximizes Togekiss's high Special Defense, allowing it to more effectively absorb special attacks, which can be useful for switching in on Alakazam, Infernape, or Azelf.

Hitmonchan @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Iron Fist
Ev's: 252 HP / 168 SpD / 88 Spe OR 88 Def OR 88 Atk

~ Bulk Up
~ Drain Punch
~ Ice Punch / Fire Punch / Thunderpunch / Bullet Punch
~ Ice Punch / Fire Punch / Thunderpunch / Bullet Punch
We all know Hitmonchan is usually equipped with a Scarf, a Band or even Agility and Life Orb. But Bulk Up is something you don't see on Hitmonchan every day.

Bulk Up is obviously the key move here, raising Hitmonchan's Atk and Def by 1 level. Drain Punch, with Iron Fist and STAB has a nice 108 power and with Bulk Up, it can deal a lot of damage, thus gaining a lot of health. It 2HKOs Tyranitar while a CB Tyranitar will 2HKO at best with Earthquake.

The last two moves are up to you: Ice Punch hits Dragons in OU and UU and it hits Nidoking, Nidoqueen and fliers in UU.

Fire Punch is mainly for Scizor in OU, so it is the least advised of the 4 unless you want a physical attacker that can survive Scizor's attacks and be able to retaliate with an OHKO.

Thunderpunch is for Gyarados, as the Bulky versions are 2HKOd by it or OHKOd if Hitmonchan has 1 Bulk Up under its belt. You might need to get 2 Bulk Ups with Intimidate but who would be silly enough to switch in Gyarados on Hitmonchan knowing it has Thunderpunch? In UU, it gets Fliers, Mantine, Pelipper and other Waters.

Bullet Punch, finally, for priority. It's not exactly Scizor's SD + LO + STAB + Technician Bullet Punch, but it can still surprise an opponent and get a nice kill.

With a Bulk Up, Hitmonchan can Ice Punch an Alakazam that comes in on the Bulk Up and Bullet Punch to KO, surviving a Psychic. With a Bulk Up, it can survive a +2 Life Orb, Technician Scizor's Bullet Punch and can OHKO back with Fire Punch. It can even survive a +3 Bulky Gyara Waterfall and OHKO back with Thunderpunch with a Bulk Up.

For the EVs, max HP is for survivability, 168 Special Defense EVs will let it survive an unboosted Timid Alakazam Psychic, and unboosted Modest Azelf Psychic, and is only 3HKO'd by a Timid Life Orb Gengar Shadow Ball. It also survives a Modest Life Orb Adaptability Porygon-Z Tri-Attack in OU and survives a Modest SpecsTran Fire Blast. In UU, it survives a +2 Life Orb Flamethrower from a Timid Ninetales.

The remaining 88 EVs go to where you want them to go: 88 Speed lets Hitmonchan outrun Pokémon such as Gorebyss and Omastar before they set up Rain, so Speed is advised for UU play. 88 Defense EVs will give Hitmonchan a bit more bulk; as 1 Bulk Up will let a Choice Band T-Tar only 3HKO, where as 0 Def EVs Chan can be 2HKOd by it. And finally, 88 Atk EVs will give 'Chan a little bit more power, giving it the possibly to OHKO 6 HP Tyranitar variants with Drain Punch.

Created by Sam von Noobstchein. ~ 11/20/2008

Scizor @Life orb/Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ev's: 252 Atk / 252 HP/ 6 Speed

~ Swords Dance
~ Superpower/Brick Break
~ Quick Attack
~ Bullet Punch
As many people know, Scizor got Bullet Punch and Superpower with Platinum. The trick to this set is that it can come in ANY TIME during a battle, as long as it's not your lead. This set relies on the fact that, even if you are fully set up, you do NOT, under any circumstances, let Scizor die. This is because the priority may save you during the last and first moments of a battle.

Now for the explination of the moveset. Many think it's noob to put both bullet punch and Quick Attack on the same set, but they are wrong. Bullet punch is to use when SUPER EFFECTIVE and neutral, and Quick Attack is hit by those the resist Bullet Punch. Swords dance is to boost the attack- but so what if you get Roared or Whirlwindeded? Set up later.

Now, Superpower vs. Brick Break... Quite a tough desicion at first, but you'll know what to use soon as you see it. It honestly depends on your team. I personally use Superpower as my team is so offensive that thyey have no time to set up screens. Superpower, if used with prediction, OHKOs an incoming Heatran.

Let me explain the EVs. The HP evs allow for more neutral and resisted attacks come scizor' s way before you die of stupidity. Attack is a no brainer, and the 6 speed nets you another 1 point of speed.

One of the perks to this set is, because of priority, it can stay in on Thunderwave blissey, to thunderwave Scizor and for you to Swords Dance.

Item is really up to preference. If you want to OHKO more, use Life orb. If you need more survival, go ahead and use Lefties.

Created by Ryan Nissan ~ 11/24/08

Magmortar @ Expert Belt
Nature: Lonely
EVs: 192 Att / 216 SpA / 100 Spe

~ Substitute
~ Focus Punch
~ Fire Blast
~ Thunderbolt

~ 301 Attack is required to OHKO the standard 252 Def / 80 SpA / 176 SpD Calm Blissey. Focus Punch also does significant damage on Bold Blissey and Snorlax, enough for Magmortar to KO them with Fire Blast / Thunderbolt most of the time. 227 Speed is needed to outspeed Gliscor.

~ Fire Blast is preferred over both Lava Plume and Flamethrower as it grants Magmortar a higher chance of KOing Bold Blissey after it has been hit with Focus Punch. Thunderbolt lets Magmortar deal with Bulky Waters, OHKOing Gyarados as well as having a high chance of 2HKOing Suicune and Vaporeon.

~ Hidden Power Grass is an option over Thunderbolt for Swampert, but you then lose the ability to deal with Gyarados and other Bulky Waters effectively. The same goes for Hidden Power Ice, which is Magmortar's only way of dealing with Salamence and Garchomp apart from Will-o-Wisp, which this set doesn't utilize. Lava Plume or Flamethrower can be used in place of Fire Blast for the extra accuracy. However, they are not recommended as this hinders Magmortar's ability to deal with Bold Blissey, as stated previously.

~ 192 Att / 160 SpA / 152 Spe is required to outspeed Adamant Breloom and max +Natured Abomasnow. This removes the chance of 2HKO'ing Bold Blissey mentioned previously in the analysis, so decide on which is more effective for you.

Created by Tortured_Soul ~ 11/24/08

Cresselia @ Flame Orb/Toxic Orb(The triple status Cress)
Nature: Calm
Ev's: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 Sp.Def

~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
~ Thunder Wave/Move of your choice
~ Psycho Shift

This set is rarely seen and sometimes non-exsistant. The main purpose of this cress is to stall your opponents mon while passing over a status. It has always has the element of surprise as not a single person would expect this yet... The main idea is to swich into a non-lethal attack. From here you may do 3 things rest to regain lost hp, or inflict either a burn or para depending on the mon. The Flame orb helps cripple physical sweepers in general such as machamp, heracross, weavile(if predicted accurately), and many others. The thunder wave is able to cripple pokemon that really on speed such as gengar, jumpluff, and yanmega. The key to this set is the psycho shift!

Created by iceraver101 ~ 11/25/2008

Heatran @ Salac Berry
Nature: Timid
Ev's: 6 HP / 252 Sp.Att / 252 Speed

~ Earth Power
~ HP Electric, Hp grass
~ Lava plume/Flamethrower/Fire Blast
~ Substitute

Again another rarely seen and sometimes non-exsistant set for a Heatran. This Heatran is all about speed. First you switch on onto a weak type mon such as celebi or jirachi. From here you can set up a substitute preventing them from paralyzing you or leech seeding. Then this lets you have one free hit. On the next mon you can either ohko it with one of the moves or set up another substitute. After you get around 25% health the salac berry kicks in making this heatran something to be feared. With this set it can outrun most non-scarfed pokemon only exceptions or deoxys, yanmega, and ninjask(Might have forgotten others). As well as another scarfed heatran.

Earth power is used to deal with other heatran's as well as anything that is resistant to fire and electric.

You may choose on which fire attack would be best for your heatran and your style of play. Lave plume if burning the opponents mon is a priority. Flamethrower for a accurate and powerfull move. And finally fire blast for a powerful but inaccurate move.

You mave choose between hp electric or grass depending on which one is needed more on your team. Electric to take out water and flying most notably gyrados. Which hp grass helps take out swamperts.

Created by iceraver101 ~ 11/25/2008

Meganium @ Leftovers / Life Orb
Nature: Adamant
Ev's: 244 HP / 216 Atk / 48 SpD

- Power Whip / Seed Bomb
- Earthquake
- Light Screen / Synthesis
- Synthesis / Swords Dance

Power Whip and Seed Bomb, again, is a choice of power over accuracy or accuracy over power. Earthquake OHKOs Heatran on the switch and deals a hell load amount on Magnezone. Light Screen to prevent the significant amount of damage Heatran's Fire Blast, and other dangerous special attacks, will do. Swords Dance is quite self-explanatory here, but you may choose Synthesis if you're looking for a recovery move.

244 HP / 48 SpD may not allow you to survive Scarftran's Fire Blast, but you will be 2HKO'd by it with Light Screen support.

Created by Alonzo ~ 02/02/2008

Raikou @ Leftovers
Nature: Bold
Ev's: 156 HP / 252 Def / 100 SpA

- Substitute / Rain Dance
- Reflect / Thunder Wave
- Thunderbolt / Thunder
- HP Grass

Substitute over Rain Dance clearly if this isn't for a Rain Dance team. Reflect is the star of this set as it may allow CBGross to 2HKO with Earthquake. Thunderbolt and Thunder is a choice between power and accuracy, but if you're using Rain Dance, Thunder is the preferred choice here.

156 HP / max Def Bold Raikou with Reflect up limits Metagross to 2HKO'ing you. Rest of the EVs were dumped into SpA, which is enough for HP Grass to 2HKO max HP / 0 SpD Swampert.

Created by Alonzo ~ 02/02/2008

Gyarados @ Expert Belt / Life Orb
Nature: Mild / Rash
Ev's: 228 Atk / 96 SpA / 184 Spe

- Dragon Dance / Stone Edge
- Waterfall
- Fire Blast
- HP Flying

Mixed Gyara ftw. Dragon Dance if you want to raise your attack and speed by one stage, allowing you to outspeed all Base 100s. Stone Edge allows you to deal reasonabl damage to Zapdos, Gyarados, and friends. Waterfall for STAB, Fire Blast to knock out Magnezone, Tangrowth, and Skarmory. HP Flying OHKOs Heracross and deals a lot of damage to Infernape.

Created by Alonzo ~ 12/08/2008

Hitmontop @ Leftovers
Nature: Careful
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP/6 Atk/252 SpD

~ Bulk Up
~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
~ Brick Break/Revenge

This is a physical version of the famous CMResTalk Suicune. Does exactly the same: it raises it's Atk and Def as opposed to Cune's SpA and SpD, ResTalks
and uses a STAB attack for offense. One thing good about Hitmontop is that it gets Intimidate. This will force switches and let you get Bulk Ups easily.

Bulk Up is the stat up move of the set, basically just grabbing Atk and Def boosts.

ResTalk is for survivability, after all, you can't get all those stat boosts just so you can drop and die can you?

The STAB move is up to you. Revenge will be a strong 180 power move if you get damaged on the turn you use it, so basically, you get a hard hit on the opponent.
Brick Break shatters screens.

Max HP and SpD are necessary to let Hitmontop survive Special as well as physical attacks. Timid Focus Sash Gengar fails to 3HKO Hitmontop with Shadow Ball,
so Hitmontop can just stall a non LO Timid Gengar. LO Gengar however 3HKOs, and will be able to stall a maximum of 5 turns, thus draining half of Gengar's HP.
Porygon-Z fails to OHKO Hitmontop with Modest, max SpA, Adaptibility, Life Orbed Tri Attack and is OHKO'd back by either STAB if Hitmontop has got a Bulk Up

So that's how it works, just like Calm Mind/Rest/Sleep Talk Suicune but it raises opposite stats (Attack and Defense) and uses a physical STAB and not special STAB.

Created by Sam von Noobstchein ~ 12/07/2008

Flareon @ Life Orb
EV's: 252 Satk / 252 Speed / 6 HP
Trait: Timid

~ Flamethrower / Lava Plume / Fire Blast
~ Hidden Power Grass / Hidden Power Water / Hidden Power Ice
~ Substitute

~ Fake Tears

The set is simple, set-up Substitute when you face a Grass/Steel type pokémon and depend of the next opponent's Pokémon. Use Fake Tears, and sweep well with a good fire type move.
With these Ev's, you can perfectly run a Standard Dragon Dancer Altaria, Quagsire and others Pokémon that is a big trouble for Flareon.
The question of the first move depends if you want more power, use Fire Blast, but you will depend of accuraty; if you want a considerable chance of burning, use Lava Plume, but you gonna lose some power; Flamethrower is the best choice if you want just sweep and no depending of accurate.
HP Grass for Quasires, Poliwraths. HP Water is a nice choice, because you can x4 Golems and Rhydons and oblivious, you have the coverage of sweep Fire pokémons too.
HP Ice is if you have afraid of Altaria and the others dragons.
Life Orb will give you more power so it's very important to use it, because Flareon's Sp. Attack base isn't that much.

Created by Savior Sephiroth ~ 12/08/2008
Bye, PE2k!

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