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Default Re: [P]sychotic [O]rganization ~ We've merged with TCO! ~ DON'T POST YET!

► Gift Shop ◄

► Members Trade Threads
Lists of trade threads owned by our members; usually members will donate their Pokemon to other members for free/at a discount.

None at the moment.

► Gift Shop
Virtually an army of Pokemon at our member's finger-tips. Below are the Pokemon donated by our members, for our members. These Pokemon are generally not redistributable either.

Impish nature
IVs: 31/11/16/31/29/19
Owner: Shucklulz
Nickname-able: Yes.

Jolly nature
IVs: 12/31/25/19/30/31
Egg moves: Psycho Cut
Owner: Shucklulz
Nickname-able: Yes

Jolly nature
IVs: 10/29/13/11/0/31
Owner: Shucklulz
Nickname-able: Yes

Jolly nature
Ability: Insomnia
IVs: 25/31/31/24/26/27
Owner: Shucklulz
Nickname-able: Yes

Impish nature
IVs: 27/26/25/25/25/14
Owner: Shucklulz
Ability: Intimidate
Comments: This Ekans is bred for the Neurotoxin Arbok set. But obviously it should only be used in UU play. I'm planning to rebreed it, too. :p

Adamant nature
IVs: 19/31/20/30/19/31
Owner: The Jr Trainer
EVs: Untouched
Ability: Intimdate
Comments: Caught as a wild Gyarados. LOL.

Naive nature
IVs: 22/25/11/22/25/28
Owner: Shucklulz
Extras: Event Darkrai from Ranger 2, comes with Dark Void 10 levels early, holds Classic Ribbon.

Jolly nature
Ability: No Guard
IVs: 20/31/3/10/29/31
EVs: 252 Attack / 252 Speed (/ 6 HP I think)
Egg Moves: Close Combat, Bullet Punch
(Will have) Move Tutor moves (from Platinum): Ice Punch, ThunderPunch
Owner: Shucklulz
Nicknameable: Yes

Impish nature
Ability: Water Absorb
IVs: 24/31/29/18/25/27
Owner: Shucklulz
Nicknameable: Yes

Adamant nature
IVs: 5/30/18/x/13/31
EVs: 252 Attack 252, Speed, 6 HP

Timid nature
IVs: 28/x/x/31/5(:|)/31
Nicknameable: Yesh
Owner: Shucklulz

Brave nature
Ability: Own Tempo
IVs: 24/31/31/31/21/29
Nicknamable: Yesh
Owner: Shucklulz

Bold nature
Ability: Download (#1) / Trace (#2 & #3)
IVs: 1: 31/31/30/30/23/26 (Nicknamed CptnQuack)
2: 21/25/31/30/18/31 (WTFDuck2)
3: 2/20/27/30/30/31 (iQuack)
Hidden Power(s): 1: Fire [70], 2: Ground [68], 3: Ground [69]
Owner: Shucklulz
Nicknameable: Yes
Comments: Meant to be a Porygon2, obviously. Hidden Power Fire can get take care of those annoying Scizors, while Hidden Power Ground can take care of Heatran.

Modest nature
Ability: Serene Grace
IVs: 1/31/31/31/27/31
(going to have) EVs: 144 HP / 36 Def / 252 SpA / 76 SpD
Nicknamable: Yes
Owner: Shucklulz
Current nickname: Hax2TheMax

Modest nature
IVs: 17/19/23/31/23/21
Others: TRU event Shaymin. It unlocks the Gracieda Flower in Platinum, to change it into Skymin during the day. It comes caught in a Cherish Ball and with a Classic Ribbon. UT.

► Additions
A form here just in case a member want's to submit something to the Gift Shop.

Submission Rules:
  1. All Pokemon submitted must be IV bred
  2. All Pokemon submitted must have a decent nature
  3. All Pokemon must be legit.
  4. All Pokemon submissions should be PMed to me (Shucklulz).

Submission Form:
EVs (if EVed):
Untouched? (yes/no):
Hidden Power [type/power]? (optional unless standard on that Pokemon):
Egg Moves? (optional unless needed):

Note: You do not have to follow this form exactly, however you must provide all information that applies to the Pokemon you wish to submit.

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