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Default Re: [P]sychotic [O]rganization ~ We've merged with TCO! ~ At war with TSH (2 - 1)

Originally Posted by Sam von Noobenschtein View Post

Anyways, good merge. o:

Looking forward to working with you. ;)
Originally Posted by Scuba Stevee View Post
I'm sick of turkey.....

Merge=kool, but totally unexpected. (love the name)

be on later tonight.
Originally Posted by Arate View Post

Gosh, this was totally unexcpected, wow!

So... we're now the "Psychotic Organixation"? Sounds nice. :P
Yeah. We're merged now.
Both clans Psychotic Waltz and The Cipher Organization was a lot inactive. Merge was a good solution for it, now we have a better roster and a better activite. :]
Bye, PE2k!
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