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Default Pe2k's Battle Ladder .:. FULL .:.

Welcome to the new Pe2k's Battle Ladder

Banner by ronjocox

"The Battle Ladder has been created by CMEW. The rules are simple, the player only can challenge persons from 3 spots in him front. If you want to join you will have to battle #23, #24 and #25. If the player want to challenge the 1st placer, he need to be in 2nd."

-If you don't reply to a challenge withing 5 days and the challenger reports to me VIA pm you shall forfeit and move on rank below.

-You can only challenge the person above to you (or three) one time per day.

- NO Ubers and NO hacks. (For Wi-Fi)

-Don't lie about winners or losers.

-No spamming follow the regular posting rules, no double post etc.

-No arguing or inapropiateed language.

-Please don't disconect.

-If you are temporarily banned or banned, you will be removed from the ladder and will have to start all over. So be good.

-Have fun and be honest.

- You need at least 50 posts to join.
Battle Rules:

For Shoddy:

- 6v6, Singles.
- Sleep, Frozen, OHKO, Evasion and Species Clause.
- Strict Damage Clause.
- No Hax items.
- No Ubers.
- No Disconnect.

For Wi-Fi:

- 6v6, Singles.
- Lv 100 set-up.
- Sleep, OHKO, Evasion and Species Clause.
- No Hax items.
- No Ubers.
- No Disconnect.
- Name:
- Shoddy Username / FC :
Bye, PE2k!

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