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Default Re: READ FIRST: What's New in Emerald Version

Capturing the Regis

All three Regis are in Emerald, and they are in the same tombs that they were in R/S...however, getting them works a bit differently in this game.

In order to open the caves. you must bring the following:

-Pokemon with Dive
-Pokemon with Dig

Find the patch of deep water west of Pacfidilog Town. Use Dive, then you will see a cave opening. Go in. Read the braille on the upper center. Use Dig and it will open.

Go to the upper center again. Put Wailord first and Relincanth last. Now you can access the three Regi Tombs, which are in the same location that they were in R/S.


Repeat the same procedures like in R/S, however, when you get in the cave...

-Read the braille
-Go 2 steps left, 2 steps down. then use Rock Smash.

It will open, allowing you to catch a level 40 Regirock.

Capturing Regice:

Same procedures, however, when you get in the cave, real the braille, and do a clockwise lap starting from the braille, you must be by the wall at all times. It will then open, allowing you to catch a level 30 Regice.

Capturing Registeel:

Same procedures again, this time though, go in the middle of the cave and use Flash. It will open, allowing you to catch a level 40 Registeel. (thanks to Nick the Angelic on the changes in how to catch the Regis)

[To be continued...]
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