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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter Thirteen? Yah, we got it.)

BEGIN Chapter Fourteen;
Ominous Messages of Doom

From its perch on the lake, a creature watched the three figures. It chuckled softly when they first appeared, shoving two of them into a huge vat of mud. It tried to listen as they slowly – very slowly – managed to figure out that it was, indeed, an Abra who had crammed them into that position.

“It’s about time.” The creature sat down to watch. “I’ve been waiting for you three loonies.” It watched with bright eyes setting out from a triangle-shaped face, swapping between two shades of blue. It had a body similar to that of Mesprit and Uxie. A red gem glinted in the early-morning light.

“Finally,” said Azelf, “I will be able to see you guys again. I’ve been watching…”

It hopped up off the cave top, and took a floating position in the air. Checking the winds, it sent itself propelling forward to zigzag in between the three, catching them all by surprise (but not really showing it – Azelf expected this).

“Heya!” It skidded to a halt on the left of the three humans. “Been a while.” It smiled. In this time, Caro had fallen down again, and Kris was pulling him up gracelessly. “Get up, Caro.” But Cyrus merely glanced at them, and returned his gaze to Azelf. “You three are quite fond of that term, aren’t you?”

Azelf grimaced slightly at his remark, but soon brushed it away. “Nice to see you too.” It said. By now, Azelf had got word that these guys could talk now. It didn’t honestly care how. “So, anyways. I heard about the whole Sandgem thing. Nice quick thinking, there. Especially since Mesprit sorta-kinda led you into a trap.”

“She did what?” Kris had stood up, and along with Caro was now staring at Azelf.

“She led Cyrus into a trap,” Azelf said matter-of-factly. “She manipulated your Magnezone. Probably did the same with that Abra.”

“So, if what you’re saying is true, the Abra attacked us because Mesprit told it to.” Cyrus said. “Yeah, pretty much. Any bets on why?”

Everyone stayed silent. Caro made agesture with his hand for Azelf to explain more. “What? You want a play-by-play?” It looked at Caro skeptically.

“A reason why Mesprit tried to mess with me would suffice.” Cyrus said. “Right. Well.”

“You see,” Azelf explained. “You’re sort of an odd case way Up There.” It pointed upwards, at the now pink-red sky. “Up There being where the Legendaries go on their offtime. You know why you got turned into… what you got turned into, right?”

“I can only assume it’s for what happened at the Spear Pillar. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“Yeah. Sort of obvious. Anyways, you’re sort of an odd case. There are two opinions of you: Mesprit versus everyone else. All of us believe that you’re off the hook ‘cuz you got turned into a Magneton.”

“But then, you know, there’s Mesprit. She’s convinced it was a sea-breezy little vacation for you, and that you need more punishment than that. I’ll leave it up to your twisted little mind to figure out what she believes you need to face.”

Azelf paused, and sighed softly. “So now, you know, she’s out to cause turmoil of every breed, and despite our best efforts Legendaries can’t do everything.” This earned Azelf three glares.

“Well… you know… like dealing with Mesprit and the rest of the universe… it’s real stressful. So we can’t monitor her at all times. Or control her. Well, Arceus can, but I guess He figures that she’s not all that much of a threat… then again, He hasn’t really noticed. You know, with all His intergalactic mishmash and stuff.” Azelf shrugged.

“So on the most basic level, Mesprit wants me dead and you can do practically nothing.”


“I just noticed something…” Caro blurted out. “Really.” Kris grumbled. “And what was it, Mr. Too-Important-To-Wait-For-Azelf-To-Finish?”

“We’ve accomplished our mission, Kris.” He smiled at her. “You said to me, a long time ago, that your wish was to find the greatest relics and meet the greatest Pokémon ever known. I think we’ve done it.”

Kris clearly didn’t see this coming, expecting rather another one of Caro’s late ideas. “Yeah…” she mumbled. “You’re right. We really did do it, didn’t we, Caro?”

“Anyway…” Azelf said, a bit irked by this random outburst. “Be on your guard, ‘kay? She might try to do something absurdly stupid… or something.” He quickly added the last two words at the end. All three of them had a feeling that he already knew what Mesprit would do.

“Yeah. Right. Well, um… I guess you should be going now, because there’s really not much left to do except hang around staring blankly at each other.” Azelf shrugged. “Uh, yeah! Exactly!” Kris had fallen into a daydream, and had missed Azelf’s last words.

“Oh... um, uh... I forgot one thing.” Azelf piped up as they turned to leave. Kris and Cyrus turned around, and Caro glanced over his shoulder. “What?”

Azelf smiled grimly and ducked his head down slightly, so that his head gem and eyes glowed ominously. It certainly sent a message. “Don’t kill yourselves. Mesprit has no mercy when she’s mad – and you’d better believe she’s mad. Any living thing could be under her influence, and there’s really no way to tell – they just have loads of respect for her, and loads of hate for you.”

The threesome left without another word.


“That was very out-of-character,” Kris noted later on. “He seemed pretty upbeat until that last part...”

“Even so, he still gave you good advice. Mesprit really has no mercy when she wants to – and she can control other things, using their emotions to grant her great respect and loyalty, and us...” Cyrus’ voice faded off.

“Nobody here really wants to know what she could set on us.” Caro said grimly.

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