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Post Re: [SU] Last Rites - A Pokémon and Fallout Crossover RP


Pidgey Hybrid


Wasteland Survivor

Ragged and burnt, dark brown, long-sleeved shirt; ripped up, black jeans; no shoes; an ammo belt that went across his chest diagonally from the right shoulder to his left thigh and had a 3 foot-long samurai sword on the back; a faded, dark blue backpack that he wore the same way as his ammo belt except from the left shoulder; a black belt with a first-aid kit on the back and a flashlight and three grenades on the right; his second weapon was an oozy machine gun he had managed to repair, he always kept that loaded and clipped on his left thigh on the belt; he has long, dark brown hair; startling, green eyes; sharp teeth; and claws on the end of his toes.

Slightly depressed, lonely. Doesn’t talk much, is a heavy thinker. Is very caring and compassionate though.

Joey lived 14 years of his life in a vault, though he never knew which one it was. All he knew about it was that it was somewhere outside of San Antonio. He grew up among a whole bunch of scared-out-of-their-wits people his whole life and was taught to fear going outside, but he never feared the radiation until the day when he ventured outside. He went out with his trusted Pidgey, named Jenny-leaving his Lucario and Ferret behind. He decided to just search for other survivors and find out what was happening in what was left of the world.

He didn’t know what it was at first, but then-all too late-the radiation almost killed him. It all caught up to him at one point-after all he was a very enduring person-and forced him to pass out of starvation, radiation, and whatever other junk that was wrong with him. When he woke up, his Pidgey was gone. He immediately started searching for her, but never could find his beloved Jenny and after several hours, he passed out again.

When he came to, he was changed. Joey had the dark and light brown wings of a Pidgey, he thought at first he had been exposed to the PHT virus that was supposedly wiped out. But he sensed another presence in his mind and soon found out that the radiation had killed Jenny and her mind and wings had been mutated onto his body somehow.

From then on, he always lived with her in his head and was always seemingly very shy-because instead of actually talking and doing things, he would always just be mentally talking to the mind of his Pidgey…

S - 5
P - 6
E - 7
C - 4
I - 8
A - 7
L - 3

Medicine - Ability to heal wounds and treat injuries
Repair - Ability to maintain and fix broken weapons, machines, or equipment
Sneak - Ability to move undetected, steal items, and infiltrate areas without being seen

A Riolu named Rye and a Ferret named Caramel

3 foot-long samurai sword and an Uzi machine gun with tons of ammo

Has a very good sense of smell and is good at using his sword

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