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Post Re: PE2K Member Factfile

YAY for stupidity!

Join Date: May or March of the grand olí 2008
Age: 14
Birthdate: August 1st
Name: Paul
Aliasís: McLovin, Polly, Lee, Guard, Stupid, Paul, Mr. Liverburger, Thing, Burger, Butterfly, Idiot
Motto: IDK & IDC!


Sex: Male
Race: A little bit of everything almostÖ
Ethnicity: American
Birthplace: Somewhere called Nowhere
Location: Trapped in a Pokemon game
Height: Iím not conceited and therefore do not know the answer to this
Weight: Iím not conceited and therefore do not know the answer to this
Shoe Size: 7 Ĺ
Eye Color: Dark Blue (although they change colors sometimes...)
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Scars: I donít get in fights (except one, I was stabbed and now have a permanent cut on my wrist from it)
Piercings: Piercings are for emo people like my friends
Tattoos: Tattoos are for gangstas; I'm a little, white nerd!
Sexual Orientation: I am not gay!
Family: Daddy, mommy, cousins, grandmas, grandpas; DUH!
Pets: 2 idiotic doggies named Striker and Ectu
Grade: Iím a lowly Freshman! XD
Occupation: student, plans to become videogame designer or an author, or both


Favorite Colors: EVERYTHING!
Favorite Movies: anything Star Trek, Wall-E, anything with Pokemon
Favorite TV Series: STAR TREK ROCKS!!!
Favorite Bands/Musicians: DAFT PUNK IS THE BOMB!!! Green Day, Good Charlotte, Metro Station, etc.
Favorite Video Games: Ooh, video gamesÖ *drools*
Favorite Character: What-sa character?
Favorite Book: ALL OF THEM!!!
Favorite Food: Chocolate! Chocolate, where?
Favorite Beverage: anything with chocolate/soda in it! *drools again*
Favorite Clothing Brands: Why should I really care about this? IDK & IDC!


Where you've traveled: Oregon, North Carolina, California, etc. But nowhere exciting...
Hobbies: Pokemon rulez, gaming, Star Trek, drawing, writing (songs, poetry, and stories; but not evil schoolwork), what are muffins? XD

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