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Default Re: Simply Stiktastic Tourney Semifinals


Leman vs. Bryce

No Items
No Helds
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause

Leman with Heracross, Kingdra, Magnezone
Bryce with Crobat, Manetric, Ludicolo

Kingdra was confused by Crobat, but it was able to set up a Substitute and Rain, only to be whirlwinded away, bring in Magnezone. Magnezone also faught through confusion and brough down the bat. Ludicolo came in and used Leech Seed on Heracross who switched in. Heracross used Swords Dance, Manetric switched it only to be knocked out by Megahorn. Then Megahorn missed to Leman had to Toxic stall to take out Ludicolo.

Leman wins and gets $2000 & goes to championship
Bryce loses and gets $1000

I should get $1500 for reffing.

I call reffing the other one too. :(
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