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Default Re: Character Chat

My Characters:

Zach: Pokemorph (Scyther, Vaporeon, Espeon, Jolteon, Magmar, Hitmonchan, Nidorina, Steelix) - Male
Rikki: Pokemorph (Flareon) - Female
Tammy: Pokemorph (Girafarig) - Female
James: Pokemorph (Electrike and Kirlia) (dead) - Male
Jerremy: Pokemorph (Politoed) - Male
Solaria: Pokemorph (Glaceon) - Female
Caramel: Furret - Female
Rai: Pokemorph (Laparas) - Male
Lucky: Growlithe - Male
Sasha: Pokemorph (Scyther) - Female

Tainted Life:
Justin: Werewolf - Male
Natasha: Human - Female
Chloe: Werewolf - Female

(no name yet):
Cory: (???) - Male
Cody: (???) - Male

The Curse of Feathers:
John: Avain - Male

Journey from the Valley RPG Characters:
Rockpaw: Espeon - Male
Sideswipe: Umbreon - Female

(no name yet):
Jake: Vampire/Werewolf - Male
Chris: Human - Male

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