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Blaire: Why you little! *Avoids Flamethrower and uses Psychic to lift FLame up* I'll show you!

Tippi: Blaire, calm down.

Hannah: Oh, no, it wasn't them. I'm feeling better. There was just a lot of nosie. But that- *Walks up to radio Sirius brought in* Is only making it worse! *Suddenly starts smashing it into bits and pieces*

Ranger: That was, unexpected.

Ooh, are we listing charries?! ^^

Team Skichu:
Tippi (Female): A Delcatty, leader of Skichu.
Ranger (Male): A Pikachu, Tippi's best friend, second in command, too.
Blaire (Female): An Espeon, Tippi's best friend, third in command.
Hannah (Female): A Leafeon, Tippi's best friend, used to be in Team Swiftleaf.

Team Mirrorpool:
Mary(Female): A Kangaskhan, leader of Mirrorpool.

Team Bloodrose:
Rose(Female): A Delcatty, leader of Bloodrose, the fur that's supposed to be purple, is pink.
Shawn(Male): A Shuppet.

There are more, these are just the ones that are here.
Pike: Alright, not a fic character. But he will be sometime. He's a Jolteon.

Tippi: Whoa, what's up with attacking Spark?! Knock it off!
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