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Default Re: The Mutual Autonomy [Raid success]

It's still the usual. A new penguin and two new elves have been added, though, if you haven't seen those yet. They each have rare drops and common consumable drops. The hitpenguin drops a depleted Grimacite kneecapping stick (+X Crit%, depending on the moons). The whistle-carving elf drops an elven whittling knife ("Whittles Enemy Down" on a Critical Hit; no idea what that does). The circuit-soldering elf drops a pair of miniature antlers (+X Familiar Weight, depending on the moons).

But yeah, no new plot developments. There's a tiny plastic Mob Penguin in the advent calendar, which you probably got already.

Edit: By the way, are you planning on doing a Hobopolis run? I see you added some meat to the coffer and flooded the basement.

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