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Default Almost Always [Complete][Death Note][AU]

Almost Always
by Skoteinos Metamfiezomai

A series of extended AU!Death Note-based drabbles (five more pairs to come). Long story short: Light is a drafted soldier into an endless war that one side CAN’T win and the other WON’T. All you need to know, really. It’s a stand-alone, but is abstractly based off of various scenes in an in-progress WIP by the name of 'Mors Vincit Omnia' (and I'm allowed to use Latin titles because I am a student of Latin, so don't look at your computer like that). The astute reader may pick up vague insinuations regarding the nature of the original Death Note story and its place in Light’s fate… if you’re looking for it.

This piece itself is Light’s [AU] life pre- and mid-war from the eyes of Fate, who not only watches people, but has a frail sort of emotional connection with them through which their basic thoughts and sensations are transmitted. (Fate doesn’t have a role in the actual project, although allusions will be made.) Yes, Fate is supposed to sound madly in love with Light--it's the whole 'people connection' thingamajigger POV type thing.

Disclaimer: I married Light and L back in 1864; you can check the papers. They belong to me. Unfortunately, 12 Stones’ song ‘World So Cold’ does not. DX They wed before I could get to them (and those dratted monogamy laws are harder to get by, these days). Oh, and you see those annoying run-on sentences? They're deliberate, thank you. A bit. >.>; This piece was originally an attempt at emulating the style of a piece of writing that was chalk full of gimmicks.

So. Read, review?

–IGC t DM+


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