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Default Re: Best of 2008 Pokémon tournament.

Originally Posted by Brainiac View Post
Well well, well. I can't pass up an opportunity to battle with the Best Battler of 2008 now, can I?

I highly doubt that I fall under that category of Best Battler, although, I think I qualify for the Best Breeder award by a fair margin, and that definitely adds to my battling quality.

Sign me up for the carnage, and we'll see exactly how far obsessively bred pokemon can bring me when competing to be known as the best.

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Originally Posted by RoflTacos View Post
Well I think I can do pretty well in this.

Seanizz 0301-9673-6729

Time to be brutal.

Also Brainiac check Smogon if you think you are the best breeder.
Not trying to be a tool but they have some crazy breeds.
Originally Posted by The shiny hunter View Post
I will join, FC in trainer card.
Alright all of you are in!
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