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Default URPG 2008 Year Awards: Results!

Favorite Author
Phantom Kat (10)
Tyranitar_Trainer (8)
EmBreon (4)

Looks like our newest Lead Grader knows a thing or two about stories indeed. And she's a repeat winner, too.

Best Author
Tyranitar_Trainer (16)
Phantom Kat (12)
EmBreon (3)

TT and Kat switch around! Hmm, maybe we didn't need two seperate categories for this after all. But what it comes down to is that they're both great writers!

Favorite Referee
AtaroBot (15)
Adrenaline (11)
Legendary Arcanine (8), The Jr Trainer (8)

Oh yes. Without Ataro, the forum battles section would have died a painful death a long time ago, so we owe him big time.

Best Referee
AtaroBot (19)
Legendary Arcanine (14)
bryceBAM (4)

And he's getting pretty good at it too! Keep it up and we may have a new tester one of these days.

Best Grader
EmBreon (10)
Starkipraggy (7)
PhantomKat (6)

Yay! OMG Emma, well done! I'm so proud of ... oh wait, everybody sees this. :x Good job, I meant. :x Also a repeat winner, and rightly so, because Emma's simply the best. :3

Best Battler
Legendary Arcanine (15)
Haze (12)
Sigma (3), Fenix (3), Marth (3)

Oh what's this ... I didn't see it that way. There's plenty of you guys around who can beat me.

Best Gym Leader
Legendary Arcanine (18)
Haze (5)
AtaroBot (3)

Keep those water mons away, then I might win this again next year ... just like I did last year.

Best WAR Participant
-Adam- (6)
The Jr Trainer (3), Adrenaline (3)
AtaroBot (2), Necromancy (2), Fenix (2), bryceBAM (2), Xalapeno (2), Haze (2), U-B-3-R (2)

Top spots to the Lost Pioneers, obviously the best team.

Favorite Moderator / Official
AtaroBot (15)
EmBreon (12)
Legendary Arcanine (11)

Us officials are all cool! Except for those inactive nubs.

Coolest Member
Haze (9)
The Jr Trainer (6)
Sigma_ (5)

Yeah, Haze is the coolest. Watch out for freeze hax when you battle him. :x

Funniest Member
Adrenaline (15)
The Jr Trainer (7)
Sigma_ (4), Haze (4)

o u dawg u. Worthy successor of Pidge.

Nicest Member
Seawolf (8), Trainer17 (8)
EmBreon (5)
Phantom Kat (3), Sigma_ (3)

Third year running that Meg wins Nicest Member. <3 But she shares it with Sam this time, so he must be heading the right way.

Fastest Growing Member
Adrenaline (12)
Haze (7)
Trainer17 (6)

Adrenaline has made quick progress but Crazy is a worthy second. What did he call that mon, Ursarang or something?

Most Helpful Member
AtaroBot (10)
EmBreon (7)
Jack of Clovers (5)

Need the mart approved? Ataro. Daycare? Ataro. Forum Battle? Ataro.

Most Dedicated Member
AtaroBot (16)
Legendary Arcanine (15)
Jack of Clovers (7)

And following on from the previous award ... URPG? Ataro.

Most Intelligent Member
Legendary Arcanine (10)
AtaroBot (6)
DaRkUmBrEoN (5)

Yeah, seems I know a thing or two. Once I'm a doctor, I'll treat you guys for free.

Favorite Pokemon
Infernape (4), Weavile (4)
Suicune (2), Kingdra (2), Swampert (2), Lucario (2)

Infernape is a repeat from last year! Such a cool Pokemon. A fire Pokemon that's actually useful. Oh and Weavile is okay too.

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