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Default 20- The Tan Tank

Previously on The Ultimate Story:

Before entering Blackthorn City, Jack met two guys from the Tan Gang trying to catch an Abra. Claude, a Rambo wannabee, and Paul, a mallet-wacking fiend, whom were momentarily evaded. It was then he entered the city, wanting to challenge the Gym, but the leader wasn’t there. Instead, Gorgi, a Dragon Pokemon master, and teacher at the Gym, taught Jack the ways of the Dragon and let him interact with dragons at the secret Dragon’s Den. He earned the trust of two young Dratini’s and their mother Dragonair.

But once again, the Tan Gang duo Claude and Paul showed up, stealing Dragonair and a handmade pin by Gorgi. For the second time, Jack evaded the battle.

Soon after, the Tan Gang pulled another heist, this time on old man Weller; a well respected man of the city. Claude and Paul broke into his house and stole his prized Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

Two months later, depressed at his loss, Mr. Weller died. The city was outraged and determined to find this Tan Gang base. By random chance, Jack found a secret hideout inside the local bowling alley, Dragon’s Pin. Paul was hiding out in a private room, and defeated in a destructive brawl around the alley. Jack befriended the bouncer, Uriel Dawson, whom told his story about how he became the bouncer for the bowling alley, and later learned he would be defending the Tan Gang. He knew it was wrong, but he needed the job.

Now, with Uriel’s help, Jack wants to confront them head on, and take back what was stolen. The mother Dragonair, the handmade pin, and Mr. Weller’s life, among many other things the city has had to deal with.

The players:

Jack- the hero of our story.

Uriel Dawson- former bouncer at the Dragon’s Pin.
(Has a speech impediment: says ‘now’ at the end of phrases.)

Claude- Tan Gang member, partnered with Paul.

Paul- Tang Gang member, partnered with Claude. Defeated.

Corban Booker- Tang Gang leader

Destiny- Tan Gang lead scientist

Gorgi- teacher at Blackthorn Gym.

Mr. Weller- well respected retired Trainer. Deceased.

The last chapter of the epic Tang Gang arc is about to be complete. Definitely the most action I’ve written in a capture story! So far at least. (Re-read 16-19 for more in depth analysis.)


Hearing Uriel’s story about his involvement with the Tan Gang, gave Jack more confidence in trusting him, and knowing he would help take them down. He still wondered how to go about doing it. Though, if a ten year old Trainer can supposedly take on Team Rocket, being eighteen, it should be a piece of cake.

“So, you have a Pokemon?” Jack responds with interest.

“Yes, just the one now.” He stops suddenly, realizing the cross streets they were on. “Wait, my apartment is nearby. Let’s stop in first now.”

His apartment is small, on the second floor of a large beige apartment complex. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom- a fairly basic setting. It’s small and mostly barren of furniture. Cracks along the walls gave hint that the apartment is in poor shape. On the couch, in front of a buzzing rabbit-eared television, sat a purple Kecleon with a blue stripe across his tummy, intently watching. The same Kecleon from the story which he fought those few years ago.

Uriel quietly spoke as they entered. “Shh, we need to keep quiet during Mystery Hour, or he’ll be upset. I don’t have much, but make yourself at home now.”

He steps through and into his room, quickly changing to a dark purple suit, restocking his defensive items, and packing a duffle bag. Once ready, he enters the kitchen, where Jack sat, and offers him something to drink and eat. Simple juice and a sandwich.

It isn’t easy to accept the food either. The cupboard is missing its door, so he can see the emptiness inside. One might think tomorrow is Uriel’s grocery day, but judging by the condition of the apartment, it looked like it’s all he can afford. Jack remembers his own house and how much food he had throughout his childhood. It weighed a lot on his conscious to swallow this sandwich.

“Relax, we have,” he checks his watch, “at least 15 minutes before I can talk to him now.”

“Why’s that?” he questions softly.

“Crime and spy drama’s are his favorite shows. He gets so involved, sometimes he imagines he is a detective, sneaking around looking for bad guys. But he just sits there all day, dreaming it could be him now.”

Jack chuckles, “For a Pokemon that can turn invisible, it wouldn’t be hard to be a spy.” He imagines what it would be like to be invisible: all the pranks that can be achieved; all the secrets he can hear; walking up to a wild Pokemon without it ever knowing. And other, er, things... ehehe.

After the allotted time, a commercial pops up. Kecleon jumps up from the couch, smelling sliced ham, and sits at the rugged table. It smiles gently, semi-ignoring the guest.

“I’d like you to meet Lavish, my Kecleon. Lavish, this is Jack. He’s a Pokemon Trainer now.”

Lavish waves gently, making a sandwich for himself.

The Trainer smiles. “Are you taking him with us?”

“Eh? No, no. For the past three years, Lavish hasn’t had any training to be used for battle now.” But Jack quietly mentions that if it came down to a Pokemon fight, he would need to protect himself. There’s only so much someone can do with a fire breathing Charizard at their face. “I guess it couldn’t hurt to be extra prepared. Reminds me of this one time I had to guard the Blackthorn Gym Leader for one night. I had to double my usual protection because I was told it might be hectic. Boy, I was sure glad I never had to use them now.”

In fact, in all of Uriel’s time as a bouncer, both for the night club and the bowling alley, he’s never had to resort to much violence. The typical trouble maker wouldn’t fight back and was thrown out. On rare occasions, did he resort to his taser. He hasn’t felt this alive since he fought Kecleon years ago.

“Alright Lavish, you’re coming with me today. We’ll Tivo your programs so you can watch them later now.”

The purple Kecleon’s face frowns reluctantly.


At the PokeCenter.

Snorlax, Sudowoodo and Abra all fought hard at the bowling alley and needed a good rest. After an hours wait, his Pokemon were given a clean bill of health. Moving to the PC, he switches Sudowoodo, Bellsprout, Vulpix, Snorlax, and Gyarados with Ariados, Muk, Magneton, and the two Dratini he has been taking care over. So now he had Abra, Magneton, Muk, Ariados and the brother/sister Dratini pair with him. And Uriel had Kecleon.

The television in the waiting room flashes. Apparently, the attack was still being covered by the news, “As you can see, rubble is still being removed from inside the bowling alley. So far, we have reports of twenty injuries and no deaths...”

“Uhg,” Jack takes a deep breath, lying down in his private room for a moment. He drops Paul’s mallet, which he took as they escaped the bowling alley, on the floor. As much as he wanted to go on, he is exhausted. Although he wasn’t physically involved in the fight as much as his Pokemon were, the sheer stress of the situation weighs on him heavily. He changes out of his dirty clothes into something more comfortable. Pine green shirt, rustic jeans... “Aw man, I left my shoes at the bowling alley.” He still had the bowling shoes on. Oh well. At least he had his hat.


Early next morning.

“Uuuuughh...” Zombie Jack stirs up from bed. “Crap, I must have fallen asleep.” Looking at the clock, it is seven in the morning.

Out in the Pokecenter lobby, Uriel and Lavish were already up and eating breakfast. Jack releases his Pokemon and joins them. He cann’t help but stare at the two Dratini eat, thinking about Dragonair and how much they must miss her. After eating, they get down to business.

“Look, front page now.” Uriel shows the local newspaper.

Paul Pounded it read, detailing that a high ranking member of the Tan Gang had been caught. About 15 members in total were caught, along with a number of records found at the bowling alley. Investigations were still ongoing. There is no mention of Jack or Uriel, which is quite a relief.

“It’s only a matter of time before they find out who owns the building. If they haven’t left already, they probably will soon now.”

“Then we must hurry. Where’s their base?”

Uriel whispers over the table, “Let’s go to the police. Let them handle it now.”

Jack reminds him by showing the souvenir he grabbed from the bowling alley: Paul’s iconic mallet. “It’s personal. I need to confront Claude. If they’re going to escape, this is my best chance.”

“Ok, I’ll do what I can to help, but it won’t be easy. We can’t just waltz in, security is sure to be tight right now now.”

Kecleon fades back into view, after being invisible for the past ten minutes. That’s when Jack and Uriel nod in unison, and a plan is put into motion.


It’s too long to walk across Blackthorn, and fearing they might be spotted, they take the bus. The ride is noisy and bumpy, but it’s clean and friendly. The stop they want is the last stop before the city limits, which meant there would be less buildings and more nature spread around. Their destination is a quick block walk away.

P-Sci Labs, or Pokemon Science Laboratory. This was a company built upon researching Pokemon abilities and utilizing, or enhancing them in various ways. The company started five years ago, just as a small band of enthusiasts. But with some college and government funds, they produced their first result: they hatched a baby Elekid with specific genes to strengthen its body. Elekid was tested two days later for strength, and it snapped a 12 inch steel girder in two. Word of this spread, and funding went through the roof. The labs were built and further testing was initiated.

At least, that’s what the public knew. Having some access to inside information, Uriel found out Elekid was an elaborate hoax in order to gain money for their secret projects. Their main goal is the same as the ‘demonstration’: to genetically alter a Pokemon to make it stronger. To reduce the need for training. Why? He didn’t know, and wouldn’t ask because it was not his concern. As far as any other testing and experiments, he has no idea. But one can only imagine what happens in the basement levels where he is not permitted.

They enter one of the many abandoned businesses across the street. The windows and doors were boarded up, but there is a way to enter from the back. Uriel, Jack, and Lavish the Kecleon peak through the cracks created by the boarded window.

The road ahead ends, blocked by a large fence with barbed wire on top, and yellow lightning bolt caution signs hanging from them. The fence surrounds the complex to keep everyone out, including pesky Pokemon. In the front and the back are two booths, where the security guard would sit inside. Their job is to verify who enters and exits the complex, using force to remove problems. A small parking lot filled full with cars and trucks sat in front of the three story building. P-Sci Labs stood on the roof in big bold black letters. On the right stood two large white cylinders, like you would see at a farm for holding crops. On the left is the dock, where trucks would load and unload their shipments. The back is similar to the front with a small parking lot, also full of cars. Security cameras were expected, but unknown where they would be. A couple sirens hanging from the building flash red, to keep everyone alert. Fortunately, security outside is light.

“Kec... le le le... kecleeon...” Lavish quietly announces, pointing in another room. There, a sleeping giant lay on a bed made of foliage. It is mostly tan in color, except for the darker plate on it head. The multiple jagged plates on its back and sharp three toed claws made it look ferocious. It had numerous scars, many deep, around it’s body. It is almost as if someone slashed the Pokemon with a sword over and over. They can tell it is alive from the grunting it made breathing.

A Kangaskhan. Jack had never imagined to ever see one in the wild, let alone so soon. Even though it is asleep, the fear shook through his body.

“I wonder...” the bodyguard starts, “... yes, that must be. X-K2. I overheard people talk about her from the bowling alley. Last year, she was an experiment that became so violent, she broke out and escaped. But ever since her escape, for some reason she has tried to get back in, continuously causing trouble. All those scars... must be from the electric fence... now.”

“How terrible.”

“Kec? KEC!” Lavish shouts.

The bulky Pokemon stirs, opening one eye while the other remains half open. Her eyes had the blankest stare, nearly faded in a light hazel color. Her nose proceeds to sniff the air, glancing at the doorway, but not seeing the frightened intruders. Lavish had turned invisible while the two humans jumped behind the outside walls. Too scared to move or make a sound, nobody moves, except for a couple hand motions and angry facial expressions back and forth.

“Graaaakhhhaaa!” the epic beast bellows, pounding the floor with a swift stomp.

“Kec.. Kec.. Kecleon Kec.”

“Anngass Khnana.”


Soon after the little chat, the little Pokemon reappears in the doorway.

Figuring it must be safe, Jack and Uriel look in, carefully. Yes, Khangaskhan is gone. There is an open hole in the wall behind the bed of leaves which she must have gone through, venturing outside the abandoned building. Relieved, with near heart attacks, and unable to understand what happened, they return to their plan.

The plan is for Uriel to go in through the entrance, using his clearance, then come back and get Jack to sneak him in. Easy enough. The hardest part to Jack would be concealing Paul’s mallet from view. If any member of the Tan Gang gave it one glimpse, immediately they would be seen as intruders.

He watches from the broken building, as Uriel smoothly flashes his badge to the guard in the box. A conversation takes place, which causes him to appear nervous. From nowhere, two guys rush to him, edging him to follow them into the complex. He steps back, pointing at the street into the city, but the others edge him again, escorting him inside. He looks back quickly before moving too far out of sight.

Jack sweatdrops. “That didn’t look good. Guess we’ll have to find our own way in.”

“Kec!” he exclaims. When Jack and Uriel equally mentioned ‘covert mission’, he was about as excited as someone who had met their idol, got their autograph, and had their picture taken with them. He cann’t wait to show off his dream. Quickly, he jumps out.

The guard in the small outpost sat in his chair, feet up, and quite relaxed. He slips on his reading glasses, grabbing the newspaper from the desk. That’s when he spots a small blue blur in the corner of his spectacles. Thinking it is a smudge, he takes them off and wipes them carefully with his shirt. Upon putting them back on, he finds himself face to face with a fierce large purple blur.

Back at the boarded building, Jack spies Kecleon visible, waving that it is clear. He cautiously makes his way to the outpost. The security camera was redirected away from the street. Any electronic equipment had been unplugged. The guard was knocked out cold, tied up with his own tie and handcuffs, and his radio and earpiece were taken. The guards fanny-pac was converted to a backpack which snapped around Kecleon’s body. Quite the clever chameleon to accomplish all this in a matter of minutes. He forces the young Trainer to take the radio, which he pockets.

Kecleon jumps out, invisible except for that one blue lightning bolt across his body and his newly created backpack. He bolts across the lot to the parked cars, turning visible and motioning for the human to follow. Jack does, paranoid that he would be caught, but he makes it to the cars. Hunching down, he follows Kecleon through the rows of shiny cars with fancy interiors. Funding money well spent indeed. He stops at the final row, watching. The blue zigzag slides to the wall of the building, back to it, arms spread out, slowly shuffling along. Its tongue becomes visible as it lashes out, hitting a camera out of position.

Continuing along the wall, and around the corner, Kecleon arrives at the dock. Three semi-trucks are parked into the loading zone, hooked into the building, while 4 smaller u-haul type trucks sit around anywhere open. A number of workers are frantically rushing, moving boxes and loading materials into the trucks. There is an open door on either side of the loading zone.

Jack sneaks up, hiding between stacked boxes and cans. His heart is racing, palms sweating, legs twitching. “I don’t think Uriel went this way.”

He points at Jack, holding up five digits with his two hands, then taps his wrist. Five.... He is doing charades. Lavish’s fingers move like a person walking, only fast. He then points around the corner with the fast walking fingers. Against the wall he places his hand, and hinges it like a door, using the fingers to walk to it. And again, he motions five minutes. Playing charades with someone else, he can do; but with a Pokemon... entirely different. Five minutes is all that can be understood. The rest is all guesswork.

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