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Default Re: [SU] Journey from the Valley [SU]

Name: Rockpaw

Species: Espeon

Gender: Male

Age: 16

History: Lived in the valley, but always was very adventurous. He grew up always having fun but never quite satisfied because there was no adventure. But when Firestorm attacked and he got his wish for adventure, he hated it. He was injured severely and now has post dramatic stress syndrome and is stuck thinking and acting like a little pup.

He was so badly traumatized that he subconsciously hid the memories from himself. His one surviving friend was shocked when she found Rockpaw again after the attack. They had grown up as friends all their life together, but got separated during the battle.

When she found Rockpaw, she couldn’t recognize him because of how badly mutilated he was. She nursed him back to health and when he recovered, she found out he was a little pup again.

She tried to help him out and get him to go back to how he was before, but he didn’t know how to be an adult anymore. His brain didn’t want to comprehend what had happened to him and everyone he knew, so it hid behind being a child again where he could be carefree.

Personality: He is mostly very childish but has moments were he thinks like the adult he used to be, he is very friendly and would care for his friends-if he had any, they were all killed right in front of him. He plays around a lot like a five-year-old Eevee…

Appearance: Is a dark shade of purple unlike other Espeon, the gem on his forehead is pure black. His left ear is half-ripped off, his tail is broken and one of the tips is completely gone. His front right leg is ripped open, his hind paws are both sprained. His eyes are a sharp emerald green. He has a deep wound in his right side, as well as scratches all over his entire body. He is a few inches taller than most Espeon, other than that, he is the same as any other.


Name: Sideswipe

Species: Umbreon

Gender: Female

Age: 17

History: Was always friends with Rockpaw and just as adventurous as him, she really had come to care for him a lot when the battle happened and they were separated. But he barely remembers her now, as when she found him, he was suffering from memory loss also.

Lived a pretty good life, despite her mother dieing and her father never getting over it. When Firestorm attacked, her farther was one of the first to be killed right in front of her eyes. She saw Rockpaw get attacked right before she was swept away by an attacking Sneasel that broke her leg, luckily one of her friends-a Arcanine-stopped the Sneasel. But she saw most of her friends killed.

She was never quite the same afterwards, always sad and sulking. And when she found Rockpaw, her heart broke, and she tried to help him get back the way he was before. But she never could and is now very depressed…

Personality: She used to be very outgoing and nice, talking to strangers and having fun all the time. But now she’s always sad and depressed, her heart’s broken because in her view she lost the one she cared for most even though he alive and doing well.

Appearance: She has a red gem on her head like an Espeon, her eyes change colors sometimes but are usually a deep dark blue. Her stripes are red instead of the usual yellow, her front left leg is broken. She has small cuts and bruises all over, and she is completely pure white except for the spots stained red with blood.

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