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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger Discussion

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, as others may have previously said, is awesome. Sure, it might be easy, but it's still fun, and I really liked the story (who cares if it's evil organization trying to take over the world as usual, it's got some interesting twists).

Originally Posted by FireChick
I need help please in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia. I'm inside that volcano with all the Drifloon and I need to have a pokemon that has Crush x 2 to break a rock that's blocking an entry way in order to save that one ranger. But I've had NO LUCK!! What's a pokemon with crush x 2 that lives in the volcano?
First off, you could always consult a walkthrough. XD It's probably going to be much more detailed than what I have to say, but here it is:

If I recall correctly, explore around - there should be a room full of Shuppet. Capture one, and then on the same "floor", there should be a room that can be opened via Psy power (hence, the Shuppet). Inside is a Muk with Crush X 3. The "exploring around" part I don't think I can explain very well right now (hence the 'consult walkthrough' idea'), but I think it's the west-most part inside the volcano.
Also, I get the feeling that Mime Jr. and Psychic in general are kind of "over-powered", say? Since it's so easy to just paralyze the opponent and frantically draw circles around them. XD Whatever.

Also, does anyone have a thread up about "Favorite Partner Pokemon" up? Haven't checked yet...

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