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Default Deadsmites LEGENDARY Pink Slip Tournament


First off, HAI YOU PEOPLE. Its Deadsmite. Yeah I'm dead from pokemon but who the blazes cares? Everyone did. For anyone who doesn't know me or are too stupid enough to even see me. Well I'm Deadsmite.

2. UBERS Shall NOT be used unless we are in the UBER bracket.
3. You must anty a Pokemon EACH ROUND. This means you must put one EV'd Ready for battle pokemon ON THE LINE.
4. If you cannot make your battle before the due date, you are hereby disqualified from the tournament unless you and your opponent have contacted me via email(
5. Don't be a jackass.
6. If you fail to give your anty-d pokemon to the winner you two will constantly rematch until you are both disqaulified for not abiding by the rules.
7. Respect one-another while battling

Now, there will be 9 rounds which is why there are 108 people participating. Interesting, right?

  1. Forum name: iKakashi
  2. Forum name: solanoch
  3. Forum name: wilechase
    • Forum: Marriland/Pokecentral101/Regileague
    • FC:2020-2299-7892
    • AIM: wilechase
  4. Forum name: NamiDragon
  5. Forum name: wenal
  6. Forum name: Diarago
    • Forum: Pokemonelite2000
    • FC: 5026-0903-7130
    • AIM: MarcBachan
  7. Forum name: charizard ex
  8. Forum name: JMike
    • Forum: Marriland/PokeCentral101/Clan Deity
    • FC: 4768 8046 1717
    • Email: None
  9. Forum name: Jsorr2
  10. Forum name: Drowsy_Cheesecake
  11. Forum name: Rikudou Sennin
  12. Alias(Forum name): Dpad Down
  13. Alias(Forum name): religiousjedi
    • What forum: marriland
    • FC: 1504 2732 6118
    • MSN/YAHOO/AIM/Email: religiousjedi (AIM)

Alias(Forum name):
What forum:
xes lliw eb yrotadnam yliad ylthgin. This, women need to be living by it

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