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Default [TEAM RP] The Cullen

The Cullen

"Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light.”
--from “The Call” by Regina Spektor

Mission Statement

We are The Cullen.
We believe that all people have the right to live in peace and freedom. To that end, we strive to bring Justice to the wicked that walk this world. We will do whatever is necessary in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes, this may require that laws be broken and lives be lost, but that is the cost of true freedom. Despite how this may sound, we are not entirely lawless. We follow our Creed, a simple code of honor.

Some would say we ought to adhere to good for good’s sake, but evil men will go to any lengths to reach their misguided goals. Why shouldn’t we do everything in our power to achieve our goals of peace and freedom? This unconventional approach often leads others to misunderstand us, but that will not stop us from bringing freedom, peace, and justice to the world.
For We are The Cullen.

The Creed
Stay true to one another,
Let justice be your guide,
Live and fight with honor.

Cullen Theme Song

See Who I Am - Within Temptation

Why the Wolf Mascot?

Throughout ancient history the wolf was admired and respected as a symbol of strength, intelligence and courage. Neolithic artists duplicated its image on cave walls. Shamans sought its power. But, over time the wolf has become a symbol of evil. Most commonly the wolf is viewed as a fiend that uses a mixture of cunning and brute strength to satisfy his dark desires. The perception of wolves as dangerous creatures’ stems less from truths than it does from cultural myths and in reality it is only half true. Wolves do use wit and muscle to survive, but whether or not their desires are “dark” can only be left open to debate. Like the wolf, we are often mislabeled as “evil” when in truth we simply strive to accomplish our goals of Peace, Freedom, and Justice using our wits and when necessary, our brute strength.

Wolves also have a hierarchy system of their own that is much older than humans and according to some folk lore it is the wolves who taught humans how to cooperate. They travel in what we know as a pack, which in truth is simply a family group. This unity of family makes every wolf within a pack very loyal to one another, making any wolf an unwise target to attack. Like the wolf pack, this team is a family loyal to the end.

Team RP Origin and Purpose

The Cullen has been a part of the Johto region for centuries, predating even the infamous Team Rocket. However, they weren’t out in the public view nearly as much as most other organizations like them.

The Cullen were formed not long after the nation of Johto was formed, by a group of soldiers who felt that the military they were once a part of weren’t doing everything they could to protect the innocent and enact justice to its full capacity. So they formed an organization in secrecy, modeling their lifestyle like that of wild Mightyena or Arcanine, and also developing a similar hierarchy.

At first, The Cullen tried to stay completely on their own and out of political influence or affairs, but over the course of two decades this endeavor became impossible as dwindling food supplies and searches for their members made by law officials trying to capture vigilantes made things incredibly hard for the group to continue functioning. So several highly skilled agents were sent to make direct contact with the President. Needless to say, there was a massive crisis over what the Secret Service thought was an attack on the President, but the fires eventually burnt out when the President gave a message to his Secret Service that there was a misunderstanding, and that these people were there under his invitation (obviously a lie, but not one that The Cullen forced him to do).

Once things had settled down, The President met with the Alpha of The Cullen, and the negotiations began, ending only a short time later. The Cullen would be funded by The Government on a rather low-key budget, but it was enough to keep their growing ranks fed and armed for their purposes. And in return for hunting down dangerous individuals, The Cullen was granted amnesty from officials seeking them as vigilantes. Furthermore, technological advancements in living conditions and weaponry were made known to The Cullen first before the national military, since The Cullen might have need of it sooner.

The Cullen were also granted what was known as a Right of Recruitment. Before, they sought out gifted individuals, offered them the opportunity to join a greater cause for life, and if refused, the members would leave from public view; after all, who would believe anyone spouting such nonsense about a secret organization offering them a position at random, and then just leaving upon denial? But with the Right of Recruitment, in times of national crises, The Cullen had the right to forcefully recruit a small number of individuals to their cause, and of course, it was irrevocable; everyone sacrifices their life for the cause of The Cullen. Those who try to retract being recruited in these times, or run, or fight back are immediately killed, because it is seen as a traitorous act, and these actions would take place in the secret areas of The Cullen, which were not to be known to any outsider. It was harsh, but in times of crisis, necessary. The Right of Recruitment was only used twice in Johto’s history.

The Cullen continued on for centuries, slowly gaining in numbers and power, developing the underground bases they held deeper and deeper, until the Synth gas crisis occurred. Realizing that this was a different kind of crisis than they’d ever experienced, the Alpha ordered the underground opened and dug deeper for habitation as the entire region of Johto was guided underground on orders from the dissolving government once the second Synth plant exploded.

Over the course of the next decade, Hybrids and Chimaeras came into being, under some scrutiny of the people remaining humans, but The Cullen quickly quelled any hatred between species, ending a Civil Rights disaster before it ever began. The humans learned to live with Hybrids and Chimaeras, and soon, they became so at ease with one another that interactions were hardly different between people than before; some discrimination, some jokes, but all-around acceptance. This allowed a lot of work to get accomplished, both underground and topside. Use of gasmasks was not yet needed in the Johto Region, but enough were prepared for any man, woman, and child wishing to stay on the surface in the event of a Synth Gas atmospheric development in the Johto region, whether as a result of their Synth plant melting down or otherwise.

Johto became a nation completely at peace with itself in such an incredibly short amount of time because of The Cullen, and so they were looked to as leaders for the country. Thus, the Alpha decided being an underground group hiding behind the scenes was a useless endeavor any longer, and, casting out the Right of Recruitment, The Cullen took over as the governing power in Johto, a fair rule for those who maintained rules and peace, and merciless destruction for those who dare harm innocence. For if there is one thing that The Cullen looks down upon, it’s the harming of innocent lives. Those who attempt or succeed at such an evil thing are sought after as ruthlessly as traitors and spies. Thus, the Cullen is merciless and powerful, but not cruel.

Last Notes

Please, I've said this countless times. THIS TEAM HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TWILIGHT BOOK/MOVIE SERIES WHATSOEVER. Seriously, this has to do with wolves, not disco-ball vampires or werewolves. Please pay attention to this, because garlic attacks will not work on us, and we won't swoon over Edward the disco-ball vampy.

If you wanna associate any Edward with us, try Edward Elric. He kicks ass and is a good guy, even if the law is after him. Cause we're badass like him .
<3 Paired with Dog of Hellsing, mah awesome vampire lady <3
Thanks to Neo Emolga for the banner and Knightblazer for the avatar ^^.

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