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Default Re: [TEAM RP VI] The Cullen

Originally Posted by Lord Celebi View Post
In the Sign-Ups thread. :P
Oh yeah, that's helpful for people who don't know where to find RP's rusty boy. Sheesh.

Robert, here's where you can find the sign up thread. Shen did post it earlier, but I figured I'd show it again.

Bron, you really need to stop going and announcing that I'm grounded and won't be able to do anything. You said it yourself, my parents don't go taking my internet from me entirely, they understand that I have to do school stuff through it. That being said, I'll try to be as active on the forum as possible, but no I won't be on AIM before February, so as to allow myself to get into the swing of school when it starts up again and also to appease my father.

I'll probably have my sign up done tomorrow, if I can think up a decent history for her. Though I'd not suggest that anyone try to approach my character for at least this month, 'cause I don't know how active I'll be able to be.

Shen, beyond what Neo put in his description of Johto... how does our team fit into the setting of the plot? Also, where will our base be?

Thank you Neo!

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