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Question Re: Coro Coro Reveals Pokemon Ranger, and New Details on Diamond/Pearl!

Originally Posted by Missingno mystery
Well the only thing I'm hoping for is, if it does go online, that it WONT allow anyone who has used any cheating devices to join! To be fare, maybe make 2 types of rooms and if you've never hacked, or traded with a hacker, you go to one room, and if you have had your game hacked, you go to another room (I personally think that, all n all, they should jest plain be illegal since nintendo hates them so much ).
That would be so awsome if they did that. I love cheating so i can kick my friends butt lol. But, for some reason I can't talk to no one in the chat room on my d.s. grrrrrrrrrr. I don't even know if you can talk to anyone. I think you have to buy the stuff for that chat room. I can't even work the online for the d.s.!!!
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