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Talking Re: What is your Ruby/Sapphire Emerald Team?

emerald team:

glalie level 91
flygon:level 89
dragonite:level 90(traded from Leaf green)
charzarid:level 95(shiney pokemon also traded from leaf green.)
sneavel level 94 (traded from coliseum)
blastose level 98 (traded from leaf green)
note: I have lots of ledgendaries in my pc but i don't use at all
note2:starter is in pc

ruby team:
flygon level 100
glalie level 100
garadose level 98
argron level 100(of corse)
starme level 97
blazekin level 94

note: I had a random egg in my party when I got my rubey(preplayed from eb games) and it hatched; and it was a lugia level 2! I think the dude that had it last went to a nentendo event. I guess..
emerald team:

level 95 level 93
level 91 level 100
level 98 level 94

cutest pokemon in the world:
just joking!

part rubey team:
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