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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

“Uh…” Jirachi groaned slightly as he opened his eyes. The first thing he realised was that he wasn’t lying on the hard ground, but a rolled up blanket. Another one was also placed under his head for a pillow. Sierra…he thought in amazement. She did all this for me?

“Ah, you’re up!” The Riolu’s charm-like voice reached his ears. Jirachi sat up to find her cooking breakfast; some roasted fish.

“Yes,” he grinned. “I want to thank you for last night, too. It…it helped.” He smiled again at the Riolu, who had now stopped poking the fish.

“You’re welcome. I just wanted to help out. Now,” she stated, changing the subject. “I think breakfast is ready. I hope you like fish!”

Jirachi raised an eyebrow. She doesn’t like talking about it anymore than I do. Hmm…I wonder what happened to her parents. But he decided to save that for another time. “All right!” he grinned, taking a fish gratefully from her outstretched paw.

The two ate mostly in silence, not wanting to disturb any late risers around them. When they’d both finished, Jirachi glanced up at the sky. The sun was already a fair way up. “It must be getting late now. What do you say we go see if Alakazam is awake?” Sierra nodded and followed Jirachi down to the fixed hut. A slight breeze blew past, chilling the legendary for a moment, but he shrugged it off.

Coming to a halt at the door, he knocked three times and stepped back to wait for an answer. They began to grow uneasy as more seconds passed. “He should be up by now,” Jirachi murmured. “I wonder what’s keeping him.”

Sierra lightly pushed him aside and took a step towards the door. “I think I should go check this out.” Without even waiting for a reply she opened the door and looked around the room.

Everything seemed normal enough until…”Alakazam!” Sierra gasped, racing towards the old fox sprawled out on the floor.

“What is it?” Jirachi called out, rushing to Sierra’s side. The Riolu held out a paw to stop him from coming any further and Jirachi froze. She placed her other paw against Alakazam’s neck, feeling for a pulse. A dull beat throbbed in return.

“He’s still breathing. Hmm…”

“Maybe he just fell asleep?” Jirachi suggested, rather impatient at being told to wait.

“I doubt he fell asleep on the floor, Jirachi. No, something’s going on here. I wonder if…okay. Wait just a bit. I’m going to delve into his mind.”

“Huh? Hey, wait! That wouldn’t be–” But Sierra didn’t listen. She nimbly placed her palm on the fox’s forehead and closed her eyes, leaning down on one knee.

His mind…it seems to be very active, even in its sleep! The buzzing sound was a clear confirmation of this. She drove in deeper, studying the memories over the past day. Nothing but she and Jirachi appeared. There must be something else to this! she growled, irritation finally getting the better of her. A flicker of red passed her eyes in a split second and she froze. Wait…what was that? Back tracking her movements, she stopped at a memory of the night before she and Jirachi had crash-landed on the island. A sneering red figure peered up at her, tentacles looming and thrashing about in this very house.

“I’m not asking nicely,” Deoxys hissed towards Alakazam. “So you’d best just do it anyway before someone gets hurt!” He whipped a tentacle out towards the fox who merely blocked it with one of his spoons.

“Get away from me, you monster! I shall have no part in this!” He flicked the spoon forward, blasting Deoxys’ tentacle away from his body. The space Pokemon recoiled and frowned, fondling his hurt limb.

“I see you’re still under the impression that you have a choice, old man. Well I’m afraid to say that’s not so!” Teleporting, Deoxys reappeared behind Alakazam, binding him with his tentacles. The space Pokemon tightened his hold when the fox still resisted.

“Grr…you won’t get away with this!”

Deoxys just cackled. “Oh, but I think I already have…” The gem on his stomach glowed until Alakazam’s struggles lessened and he slumped over in Deoxys’ tentacles. “Nothing to it,” the space Pokemon crooned to himself, touching Alakazam’s forehead and slipping into his body. “Nothing to it, indeed…”

“Ah! No!” Sierra retracted from the fox’s mind in alarm.

“What?” Jirachi asked in confusion.

Sierra shook her head, her body trembling. “He-he was here, Jirachi.”

The small legendary still looked puzzled, but could clearly see the concern and fear on the Riolu’s face. “Who?” he whispered, so that the word was barely audible.

The Riolu didn’t reply for a long time and when she did, hesitated. “It was…Deoxys. He was here in Alakazam’s body.” She flinched slightly and then went about trying to wake up the fox. It was all Jirachi could do to concentrate – his body had frozen. Taking a deep breath, he gathered himself.

“Is he still…in there?” he questioned. Jirachi saw Sierra shake her head slowly.

“I don’t think so. I’m certain I would have felt another presence. From what I saw, he took over Alakazam just before we got here. He must have left last night.” She waited for Jirachi to reply, but he didn’t. Turning around, she saw that his brow was furrowed, not with fear, but concentration. “What is it?”

“Don’t you see?” Jirachi exclaimed. “Deoxys is the one who wants us to go to Uxie first! But now he knows where he is…I’ll bet he’s going to ambush us and take out Uxie as well!”

Sierra looked almost frightened. “So what do we do?”

Jirachi raised a paw in the air and created a small ball of energy, spinning it with his mind. “Well I don’t know what you plan to do, but I for one am going to rescue Uxie!” The Riolu was stunned. Just as she was about to reply, however, Alakazam began to stir. Tearing her eyes hesitantly away from Jirachi, she bent down to tend to the waking fox.

“Oh…this is one blasted headache!” he groaned. Sierra shuffled back as Alakazam straightened up. It wasn’t until he was standing that he noticed he had company. “You two! Are you hurt?” They both shook their heads simultaneously. “Good,” the fox muttered and strode over to his bed, using the cane to steady himself.

“Sir,” Sierra questioned. “You do know about Deoxys, don’t you?”

“Hmm?” The fox broke off from his rummaging as he heard the question. “Of course I do! What do you think I’m doing?” Both small Pokemon peered at him in confusion as he drew a small orb out from under his bed and walked back towards them.

“No offense, sir,” Jirachi muttered. “But you’re hard to understand even at the best of times.” The fox turned and quirked an eyebrow, swinging his cane again. Jirachi cried out as it made impact to the side of his head. “Owowowowow…”

Sierra quickly stepped in front of Jirachi and grimaced, standing on the little Pokemon’s foot. “I think what he means, sir, is that we’d like to know what you’re doing with that orb.” Jirachi made no comment, but glared at the Riolu as he dragged his foot out from underneath her.

“Oh, this?” Alakazam asked, holding the orb up for them to see. It was pale yellow in colour and was about the size of a large marble. “This is a teleportation orb,” the fox grinned, staring at the swirling yellow colours. “It will get you to Uxie faster than I can, almost instantly. I only hope that we’re not too late to save him.” He sighed and lowered the orb. “Forgive me, youngsters, but I have let my guard down. It’s all my fault.”

“Hey!” Jirachi exclaimed. “If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s Deoxys’! Now you just focus on sending us to Uxie so I can stop him!”

Alakazam peered down at the little Pokemon who had his paws clenched and his eyes narrowed in determination. “Well said, my boy. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like you two to hold paws while I do this.” Sierra and Jirachi glanced at each other briefly before grasping a paw. Alakazam then held up the orb and muttered an incantation in the ancient language which neither of the two could understand.

As soon as he’d finished, the orb’s yellow glow grew brighter and surrounded them. “Ah!” Jirachi squirmed. “I can’t see!”

“Hold still!” Sierra grumbled, tugging on his paw. “Trust me; he knows what he’s doing.”

Jirachi stopped struggling and nodded, instead closing his eyes. A fuzzy feeling then enveloped him and he was sure he was disappearing. Just before they both departed, Alakazam’s voice drifted towards them. “Good luck, you two! Be strong! Oh, and boy?” Jirachi opened his eyes at the command. “I know Xatu’s proud of you.”

The wish Pokemon’s eyes widened. How did he know what I was thinking? Then he shook his head. It doesn’t matter, I suppose. So Jirachi closed his eyes again and let a warm smile consume his face. I’m gonna miss that old fox.


After a few moments, the tingling feeling began to wear off. Jirachi released Sierra’s paw as the materialised again. What’s this place? he thought to himself in awe.

It seemed like an underground cavern, but it was still beautiful almost beyond belief. Shards of crystal in all colours lined the wall everywhere, sparkling like the heavens themselves. The small, narrow tunnel in which they were in widened about a metre ahead into an open room. Jirachi could see that the room was surrounded by a lake almost as shiny and serene as the crystals. Not much light lit the cavern, so he was surprised when a steady stream of pale yellow began to light the room.

He made to take a step forwards, but Sierra held him back, shaking her head brusquely in warning. “Be careful. Something’s not right here.” The legendary nodded, but kept his gaze firmly fixed on the light. He peered closer as the light soon faded away and saw just the faintest flicker before a figure emerged.

The creature in question seemed to have a grey-blue body with two hand-like tails. Each tail had an oval shaped red gem fitted into the side that shone like rubies. Another of these gems was embedded within the Pokemon’s forehead, a yellow bowl-like shape of fur surrounding a calm face. Small arms and legs protruded from the body, one arm of which lifted and seemed to hover in the air slightly.

Jirachi had to blink twice. “I think it wants us to go to it.”

“Jirachi, wait!” Sierra cried out as he took a step forward, but it was no use.

The legendary then took to the air until he was right in front of the other Pokemon, instincts telling him it was Uxie. Jirachi slowly lifted a paw and reached out towards the Pokemon who was still calling to him. Just before he could make contact, though, a snake-like tentacle whizzed past the wish Pokemon, missing him by a mere millimetre.

“Ah! What?!” Jirachi recoiled to a safe distance and watched as a red figure emerged from the darkness behind Uxie. Deoxys, Jirachi hissed. The space Pokemon smirked before whirling Uxie around so they were facing his back. Both small Pokemon gasped. A tentacle had been driven straight through Uxie’s body into his heart. Everything then became clear.

The First Power was dead.


Okay! So with things getting tougher, I wonder how our friends will get past Deoxys now?

Will Jirachi ever meet with Zanna? All this and more to come!

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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