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Default The Gym Tournament ~ Round Two!


Welcome to Round Two, those of you who have made it. This round is the same as the last, same rules, same money given out (1k for loser, 2k for winner, 1.5k for ref). However, I'm changing the deadline time amount, since there is half as many battles; you have 7 days (a week) to complete your battles. That means you must battle by January 26th. And a reminder for those of you who need it for the rules:

No Items
No Helds (optional)
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause


TheEvilDookie vs. Eraizaa-kun

Shen vs. Michael

ArcanineSavoir vs. Necromancy

Tyranitar_Trainer vs. bryceBAM

AtaroBot vs. -Adam-

The Jr Trainer vs. Haze


If you have any complaints on who moved on, go somewhere else.

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