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Default Re: [P]sychotic [O]rganization ~ At war against: The Shadow Alliance | 1 - 0

Sorry for the inactivity as usual. >_> School's gotten crazy.

But yeah, I bred this yesterday for the Gift Shop. Hope you like it:

Brave nature
Ability: Own Tempo
IVs: 22/31/31/31/21/29
Nicknamable: Yesh

Tri-flawless mixed wall-breaking Lickilicky ftw. :O

And another one that I forgot to add earlier... (once again, blame school. :x)

Timid nature
IVs: 28/x/x/31/5(:|)/31
Nicknameable: Yesh

For the SubCM Grumpig set. :]

I'll be looking for some battles and stuff after school if those tests/essays don't eat up the whole day, too.

@ Savior- I'd love an in-clan tourney. @_@

Also, get your war matches done. If you don't, I'll sick my army of Shuckles/Feebas/Lapras/Marill's/Treeko's/EV'd mons/IV bred mons on you. Rawr. >:|

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