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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Well I have another idea for a story that has to do with suspense and mystery.

The government claimed that in 2570, the government tricked the public into believing that a virus had fallen upon the Pokemon. This so called virus began to kill the Pokemon because they were lesser species. In reality, the government were taking the Pokemon away to use their DNA to fuse with human DNA. The government was successful with Project Hybrid, but instead of cashing in their chips, they went for double or nothing. That's where they made their fatal mistake.

The government tried to combine Legendary Pokemon DNA with regular Pokemon DNA. They were successful with that, but when they put the super DNA into humans, the humans became primal and began to feast on the people who took part in Project Hybrid. Everyone, except for what is now referred as the Hybrids, were killed. Luckily, the doors to the Hybrid Testing site was sealed shut.

The President said it was best to let the Hybrids rot underground, erase the testing site off the map, and forget about Project Hybrid. The world continued to turn, without Pokemon. People truly believed that Pokemon were dead, but somehow, the people of the world continued to prosper.

Three years later, a member of the Ketchum Family, Taylor Kethcum, spoke up about his Great Grandfather Ash Ketchum. She spoke about how Ash was a hero and an inspiration to all. Soon enough, she made a deal with the president who offered to build a three story school in honor of Ash Ketchum. The school would teach the history of Pokemon, as well as the history of great trainers. The president came up with the stupid idea to build the school on the test site of Project Hybrid.

Two years later the school was only a few days away from being finished. They just had to make a few adjustments to the air conditioner in the lower end of the school. The people who came to fix the air conditioner found a metal square in the ground and called the construction workers. A few hours later, the square was pulled out of the ground, and surprisingly, the Hybrids had not only survived in the test site, but multiplied. The Hybrids swarmed out, beginning their killing spree on the unsuspecting humanity. The Hybrids left the school only to live in the wild. With the school empty, groups of people swarmed in for protection, but this school isn't normal. The school holds several secrets and powers. This school is not of this world, and the unsuspecting survivors of the massacre are about to find out exactly what secrets this school holds.
`````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````````
This fan fic will contain Pokemon but not as we are used to them. They'll be represented as murderous creatures known as the Hybrids.

So what do you guys think?
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