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Default The Wifi-level 100 IV checker battles

I haven't found a thread yet, but I think it deserves one. I don't mean being rude, but perhaps it should be stickied. There are a lot of people who want to have some quick IV battles. And this should be a nice spot to find someone who also likes to check the IV's.
I believe it should be posted in the battle section, because it still is a battle and not a trade.

All right, here is what the thread is for:
When the advanced trainers breed their Pokemon, they usually breed with a certain nature and charasteristics. The Nature and IV.
Natures are like Bold, Adamant, Naive, etc.
Charasteristics are like Likes to trash about, Likes to run, Alert to sounds, etc.

People who breed that way, want to check if their IV's really are the highest (31).
One of the best ways to find that out, is to have a Wifi-battle with someone. Enter the battle with the newly hatched Pokemon of level 1. And they automaticly turn into Pokemon of level 100. WITH those stats maxed out.
While using a IV calculator, such as the one on Marriland, you can easily check if your Pokemon has the best IV's possible.
After you both write down the stats, cancel the battle or have a funbattle, whatever you want.

But where do you find someone who also wants to check his IV's?
Well... HERE!

Place in your reply the number and type of Pokemon you wich to check. Also place the time when you want to battle, and the time you will be online. Don't forget to enter your FC.
6 Feebas level 1.
Time: From the moment I write this, till 30 minutes from now. Or PM me when you are available
FC: 2364=8574=9589-

That's all you have to to. If people check this trade, they are able to see the time you post this and can see if you are still online. PM your own FC and get ready to IV-check!
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