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Cool A new challenger approaches! I think....

Hello there, people! I am a new user here, but I have battling experience. I would like to start challenging people. I would also like people to start challenging me.

In-Game name: SALLY
FC: 0946 3469 9982

P.S. I'm a guy. I chose the name just to be funny. I'll abide (follow) the rules I made below.

All clauses in effect.
No ubers.
Absolutely no hacks! I DO NOT tolerate hacks. (You have to PM me if you want to use legit hacks)
State how many pokemon you want to battle with, 1-6, and I'll match the number.
State whether you want a Free Single or 100 single. (In rare cases, I'll do double battles)
State your FC. Name is preferable by me, but it's optional.
Be a good sport about it if you lose. (You can give excuses, but then I'll call for a rematch)
To prove you have read the rules, you must put somewhere in your post, "Dragonforce is an awesome band."